What is DEOD?

DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand), is an online television service offering you a choice between Renting the latest movies
(pay per title) or Subscribing to a catalogue of popular TV shows, Kids programs, music videos, Live News and Sports TV channels,
documentaries, cooking shows and so much more! Subscribe to On Demand or to TV Channels or both, or Rent, its your choice!

Internet TV
Internet TV Internet TV allows you to access content over the Internet rather than via a satellite. This means with DEOD, you can access news, inspiration channels plus series, music, audio and Inspiration channels over the Internet, on the go on your mobile device or your PC.

Available streamed over the internet, on multiple devices.

All you need is an internet connection and you can watch on PC or Mac, via all major web browsers,
iOS and Android mobile apps, Apple TV, Chromecast and shortly via major Smart TV apps and Set Top
Boxes such as Roku.

How to Pay?

We have multiple payment options to suit your needs – You can subscribe to our Monthly subscription package using Pay Pal, DEOD Voucher, Telecash and Ecocash or simply load your wallet to start streaming!