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At DEOD we are all about choice, access and quality content. DEOD offers eight Subscription options, all of which are valid for 30 days from date of payment. With DEOD Premium however, you have the options to take the package for just a weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) or for a week (7 days), as you prefer. You can choose to renew any package or change the following month, based on your personal preference. No long-term commitments!
DEOD Premium
DEOD Premium offers a combination of News, Sport and On Demand for a take-all special price of $11.99 for 30 days. Prefer to only have it over the weekend? Then take DEOD Premium from Thursday midnight to Sunday midnight for only $2.50 or for a week (7 days) for $4.50
On Demand
On Demand includes an always growing catalogue of hundreds of hours of TV shows, movies, kids programs, music videos, exclusive to DEOD series, inspirational and educational content, daily sports news and a whole lot more, accessible at your leisure for the whole family. For only $5.99 a world of entertainment becomes available in the palm of your hand.
Looking for Sport and News? Stay up to date with global perspectives on business world news, as well as and a mix live sports, highlights and sports news and save by taking our combo Sport and News package for only $8.99.

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