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At DEOD we are all about choice, access and quality content.

DEOD offers two core Subscription options, On Demand and TV Channels. These are available on their own or in combination under DEOD Premium.

All subscription packages are valid for either 30 days from date of payment or for a week (7 days) or a weekend. On Demand also has a daily subscription option.

You can choose to renew any package or change the following month, based on your personal preference. No long-term commitments!
Zollywood Zimbabwe Movies
Zollywood Zimbabwe Movies (ZZM) is a standalone package offering over 50 feature length movies and short films collectively, from various producers of Zimbabwean content . ZZM exposes the many talents coming out of the Zimbabwean film industry in a quest to propel recognition of the Zimbabwean film industry. Enjoy this mix of genres and stories with new titles being added monthly.

Sports Mag By Inverleigh
Over 100 hours of the top sporting magazine programs with the latest editions being added weekly. Sports Stars Uncovered gives a revealing and rare glimpse into the lives of the most recognizable and controversial figures in worlds sport. Life’s a Pitch is the Not so serious football weekly! A show made for fans, by fans – presenting the lighter side of our passion for football. Football Stars offers an entertaining insight into the lives of football’s celebrities and news-makers, brimming with personality and levity. Finally, Sports Confidential is an intelligent analysis of the biggest stories in sport each week, from high-profile competitors to the biggest events. And that’s not all – get daily 1 minute vignettes from Today in Replay, a daily chronicle of sports best moments and This Day In Football, showcasing a great moment in football every day.
Footballer’s Lives
Over 50 unscripted, lifestyle, short form reality programs, focusing on interviews with 20+ stars from the top 6 Premier League clubs – their passions, their interests, their views. Watch these renowned players shed their inhibitions and get personal! New shows added weekly.

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DEOD Premium
DEOD Premium is our take-all On Demand and TV channels option giving you the best of both worlds and an extensive array of entertainment.
On Demand
On Demand includes an always growing catalogue of hundreds of hours of TV shows, movies, kids programs, documentaries and music videos, accessible at your leisure for the whole family. For only $5.99 a world of entertainment becomes available in the palm of your hand.
Looking for Sport and News? Stay up to date with global perspectives on business world news, as well as and a mix live sports, highlights and sports news and save by taking our combo Sport and News package for only $8.99.

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