Subscription Packages on TelOne DEOD

At TelOne DEOD we offer a general Subscription option called, DEOD Binge, a monthly package that gives you access to entertainment for 30 days from date of purchase.
DEOD Binge
Our take-all package starting from $3 offers a youthful bouquet of short form content from the following genres: music, comedy, series, reality, and lifestyle as well as a range of linear channels including: Mindset Learn, Stingray Vibes, Stingray Hits, Filmbox, Docubox, Fast & Fun Box, Arthouse Filmbox, Fightbox, Gametoon, BBC World News, Bloomberg Television, and VOX Africa. In addition to this, we have an array of short films and full-length feature films coming soon!
Fancy yourself a die-hard horror movie fan? Then this pack is for you. Subscribe for only $2 per month get access scares and screams on demand. Pick your preferred poison across a mix horror genres – Slasher, Psychological, Thriller, Comedy, Sci-fi and Award Winners. New titles added monthly to keep you tied to the end of your seat.