I Will Marry Myself

I Will Marry Myself
2013 . 67 min


  • Stephen Vesser


  • Various


  • Drama


A fascinating story about an African woman, who was fed up of being taken for granted by men that she took the matter into her own hands.How???She married herself.
The story is about an African girl who was so desperate for marriage that she ended up paying for her own bride price in order to fulfill her dream of being a wife. Cast Melgin Tafirenyika, Lillian Tshabalala, Spiwe Show

parental rating

  • 18


  • (S) Sex
  • (L) Language
  • (V) Violence
  • (N) Nudity
  • (B) Blasphemy
  • (P) Prejudice
  • (D) Drugs & Alcohol
  • (H) Horror

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