Sores Of Emmanuel

Sores Of Emmanuel
2012 . 110 min


  • Edmore Ndhlovu


  • Various


  • Action


"Sores of Emmanuel is a movie about a single dad, Emmanuel Mutema, who is about to do whatever it takes to make sure his children get the right education to make their dreams a reality.
As he tries to look for the brighter side, more problems befall him when he loses some cattle to the messenger of court. But in the process he discovers precious stones that give him hope and a fresh opening to redeem his washed out parenthood glory. However, getting the diamonds and selling them are two different things. He embarks on an expedition to search for a trade of his stones. Harare proves to be way advanced for his strong rural background. For an illegal deal he wants to enter in, it is very difficult for him to attract genuine people to trade with. He ends up entangled in the web of a syndicate that involves big people and general people in the street.Cinematography just brilliant, storyline also brilliant. Directors: Edmore Ndhlovu ,Joe Njagu and Rufaro Kaseke,Cast: Edmore Sandifolo, Charity Dhlodhlo, Antony Tongai, Kenny Kondo, Shingirayi Ziwande Release date: May 2012"

parental rating

  • 16


  • (S) Sex
  • (L) Language
  • (V) Violence
  • (N) Nudity

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