Tariro The Voice Within

Tariro The Voice Within
2018 . 76 min


  • Beauty Nakai Tsuro


  • Various


  • Drama


A young girl is sexually assaulted by a gang of vagabonds as she was walking home from school. Through the torturous abuse, she gets pregnant and delivers a baby girl. Because of the devastation the family had gone through due to the girl’s ordeal; the father suggests that the baby be given away for adoption and that the girl (Tarisai; Played by Talent Chipangura) should be made to believe that the child died soon after birth. However, the child (Tariro; Played by Talent Priviledge Runzonza) grows to be a young woman who also had her own stories to tell. The voice within is the voice of Tariro calling out to her mother for help in ways that seemed mysterious but somehow got Tarisai to develop an urge of wondering what exactly happened to her child. Directed and Produced by Beauty Nakai Tsuro.2018 Release

parental rating

  • 16


  • (S) Sex
  • (L) Language
  • (V) Violence
  • (N) Nudity

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