Suits (s2)

Suits (s2)

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Suits (s2): ep 01
Mike is on top of the world when Harvey entrusts him with with closing a major lawsuit.
Suits (s2): ep 02
Jessica enlists Harvey to help bolster support for her within the firm.
Suits (s2): ep 03
Mike becomes caught in the middle as Harvey clashes with Hardman.
Suits (s2): ep 04
Louis and Mike find some common ground while working on a case together.
Suits (s2): ep 05
Jessica puts Harvey in the backseat on a lawsuit that could make or break the firm.
Suits (s2): ep 06
Harvey's history with a client forces him and Mike to accept an unorthodox case.
Suits (s2): ep 07
Harvey turns to a former colleague for help.
Suits (s2): ep 08
Mike and Harvey reflect on how their past decisions have influenced their present situation.
Suits (s2): ep 09
Harvey is tasked with closing the one person whose vote will decide the firm's future.
Suits (s2): ep 10
The struggle for control of Pearson Hardman reaches its conclusion.
Suits (s2): ep 11
Mike is assigned the case of a young man who was involved in a hit and run.
Suits (s2): ep 12
Harvey takes steps to protect Pearson Hardman from a rival firm.
Suits (s2): ep 13
Harvey goes head-to-head with Rachel's father on a gender discrimination case.
Suits (s2): ep 14
Daniel Hardman returns with an outrageous lawsuit against Jessica.
Suits (s2): ep 15
Dana "Scottie" Scott returns to complicate the firm's battle against Hardman.
Suits (s2): ep 16
Harvey's vision for the the future is jeopardised when a British firm makes a tempting proposition.