Suits (s4)

Suits (s4)

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Suits (s4): ep 01
Mike approaches Harvey with plans to buy out Gillis Industries.
Suits (s4): ep 02
The takeover pits Mike and Harvey against one another.
Suits (s4): ep 03
Mike's reputation is on the line as his battle with Harvey continues.
Suits (s4): ep 04
Harvey and Louis pull out all the stops to win the takeover battle.
Suits (s4): ep 05
The recent conflict starts to take a physical toll on Rachel.
Suits (s4): ep 06
Mike gains an unexpected advantage over Harvey and Logan.
Suits (s4): ep 07
Harvey tries to help a deflated Mike get back on his feet.
Suits (s4): ep 08
Sean Cahill demands to see the documents on the Gillis takeover.
Suits (s4): ep 09
The Forstman deal has serious consequences for Louis.
Suits (s4): ep 10
Harvey and Jessica desperately try to protect the firm.
Suits (s4): ep 11
Louis attempts to get his own back on those that have wronged him.
Suits (s4): ep 12
Harvey takes on a bribery case for Professor Gerard.
Suits (s4): ep 13
Louis and Mike are forced to confront each other and settle their differences.
Suits (s4): ep 14
At Professor Gerard's request, Mike takes on a risky client.
Suits (s4): ep 15
Donna faces the possibility of prison for her part in the whistleblower case.
Suits (s4): ep 16
Harvey joins forces with Sean in an attempt to put Charles Forstman away.