Suits (s5)

Suits (s5)

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Suits (s5): ep 01
When Donna leaves to work for Louis, Harvey is certain she'll return.
Suits (s5): ep 02
Rachel's father offers Mike some advice on the engagement.
Suits (s5): ep 03
Mike and his future father-in-law team up to take on a case.
Suits (s5): ep 04
Harvey takes on a divorce case for Louis' sister.
Suits (s5): ep 05
Jessica tries to convince Jeff to mend his relationship with Harvey.
Suits (s5): ep 06
A client forces Mike and Louis into an awkward decision.
Suits (s5): ep 07
On Jessica's orders, Mike teams up with an unlikely ally.
Suits (s5): ep 08
Louis and Harvey's rivalry could place the firm in jeopardy.
Suits (s5): ep 09
Rachel worries that her wedding could reveal Mike's big secret.
Suits (s5): ep 10
Jessica and Louis make a last-ditch attempt to stop Hardman from taking over the firm.
Suits (s5): ep 11
When Mike is arrested, Robert questions his future son-in-law's character.
Suits (s5): ep 12
Mike must try to identify the anonymous tipster.
Suits (s5): ep 13
Anita Gibbs uses Rachel's dream of a career in law against her.
Suits (s5): ep 14
Mike is determined to represent himself at his upcoming trial.
Suits (s5): ep 15
Anita Gibbs has an enticing offer for Louis.
Suits (s5): ep 16
Determined to protect those closest to him, Mike considers taking an offer.