Suits (s6)

Suits (s6)

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Suits (s6): ep 01
Mike must quickly learn to adapt to life behind bars.
Suits (s6): ep 02
Louis, Jessica and Harvey attempt to fend off class action lawsuits from former clients.
Suits (s6): ep 03
Jessica forces Harvey to take a case with a shady client.
Suits (s6): ep 04
Mike is offered a deal that could reduce his sentence.
Suits (s6): ep 05
Rachel goes on the hunt for a new sponsor for her death row case.
Suits (s6): ep 06
Jessica's play for Sutter's business threatens Mike's deal.
Suits (s6): ep 07
Mike goes to extreme lengths to get Kevin on his side.
Suits (s6): ep 08
Jessica and Rachel desperately try to delay Leonard's execution.
Suits (s6): ep 09
Harvey attempts to get Frank Gallo released from prison.
Suits (s6): ep 10
Mike is released from prison, but can he get the firm back on track?
Suits (s6): ep 11
Harvey , Louis and Donna plan for a future without Jessica.
Suits (s6): ep 12
Louis, Donna and Rachel are left in charge of PSL.
Suits (s6): ep 13
Oliver and Marissa get the chance to put their skills to the test.
Suits (s6): ep 14
Harvey and Mike partner up for a class action law-suit against Velocity.
Suits (s6): ep 15
Mike suffers the repercussions of his case against Velocity.
Suits (s6): ep 16
Harvey and Rachel have one shot at saving Mike's career.