Fargo (s2)

Fargo (s2)

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Fargo (s2): ep 01
A shooting at a diner rocks a small, Minnesota town.
Fargo (s2): ep 02
The Gerhardts are on the receiving end of an unexpected offer.
Fargo (s2): ep 03
Peggy unearths new information on the Waffle Hut shooter.
Fargo (s2): ep 04
Lou has some questions for Ed and Peggy.
Fargo (s2): ep 05
Floyd decides to take actions into his own hands.
Fargo (s2): ep 06
The Gerhardts take a trip to the police station.
Fargo (s2): ep 07
Karl keeps a close watch on Lou's family.
Fargo (s2): ep 08
Dodd is held hostage at the Blumquists cabin.
Fargo (s2): ep 09
The police hatch a plan, but they'll need to use Ed and Peggy as bait.
Fargo (s2): ep 10
Hanzee has Ed and Peggy in his sights.