Suits (s1)

Suits (s1)

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Suits (s1): ep 01
Mike Ross joins a successful New York law firm, despite not having a law degree.
Suits (s1): ep 02
Harvey is accused of having an affair with a judge's wife.
Suits (s1): ep 03
Harvey goes rogue to fix an unexpected crisis, despite Jessica's attempts to rein him in.
Suits (s1): ep 04
Harvey and Jessica's relationship is put to the test as Harvey defends someone from her past.
Suits (s1): ep 05
Mike's life becomes complicated when an old friend reappears and needs his help.
Suits (s1): ep 06
Harvey and Mike work together to save an innocent woman accused of insider trading.
Suits (s1): ep 07
Mike faces off against Louis' protege, Kyle Durant, in a mock trial.
Suits (s1): ep 08
Mike is tasked with reining in a modern day Robin Hood.
Suits (s1): ep 09
Mike fights to prove Rachel's innocence.
Suits (s1): ep 10
Mike's empathy for a fired executive puts the firm's relationship with a client in jeopardy.
Suits (s1): ep 11
The district attorney turns to Harvey for help when his office comes under investigation.
Suits (s1): ep 12
Harvey's efforts to free an innocent man bring him into conflict with the new district attorney.