Dexter's Laboratory! (s1)

Dexters Lab! (s1) ep1: Dee/Magmanamus/Combat
Dexter sends Dee Dee back in time./Monkey defends the city from a dinosaur./Dexter builds a robot to replace his ill mother.
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep2: Dodgeball/Rasslor/Assistant
Dexter builds armour for gym class./Monkey saves the Earth from an intergalactic wrestling champion./Dexter makes Dee Dee smarter.
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep3: Rival/Simion/Old Man
Dexter is jealous of his new classmate./An intelligent chimp tries to take revenge on the humans who created him./Dexter tries to accelerate the aging process.
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep4: Inflata Dee/Nap/Monstory
Dexter tries to get Dee Dee out of his laboratory./Valhallen brings a white tiger home./Dexter accidentally turns Dee Dee into a monster!
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep5: Pooch/Grindor/Dimwit Dexter
Dee Dee takes Dexter's dinosaur for a walk./Monkey is hypnotised to do evil tasks./Dexter's brain refuses to work for a math problem!
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep6: Dee's Room/Huntor/Big Sister
Dexter searches inside Dee Dee's bedroom./An intergalactic hunter searches for Monkey./Dexter's experiments turn Dee Dee into a giant!
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep7: Sidekick/Super Pals/Game Over
Dexter and Dee Dee compete to be the new sidekick to their hero./The gang watch TV./Dexter gets trapped inside a video game!
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep8: Blues/Valhallen/Machine
Dexter ages himself when he falls for his babysitter./Valhallen loses his favourite axe./Dexter designs a happy dream machine!
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep9: Doll House/Krunk's/Big Cheese
Dexter shrinks himself to spy on Dee Dee./Krunk falls in love with Red's sidekick./Dexter panics over a French test!
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep10: DeeDee/Say Uncle Sam/Tribe
Dexter tries to have fun./Major Glory teaches the others to behave./Dexter compares Dee Dee's behaviour with a monkey!
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep11: Space Case/Ratman/Debt
Dexter begs aliens to take Dee Dee to experiment on./Krunk tries to fix their broken toilet./Dexter faces a bill from NASA for $200 million!
Dexters Lab! (s1) ep12: Rival/Bee Where/Mandarker
Dexter feels jealous of his new classmate./The Justice Friends try to kill a bee./Dexter's science project is beaten by Mandark's late entry!