Celebrity Scrapbook (s1)

Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 95: Joey King
We get to know the gorgeous Joey King a little better & break a sweat with some actress-inspired exercises as well as ridiculous jobs celebs employ people for.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 94: British Hunk Jamie Bell
We tell you which actors had their head start on stage. Take a peek at the superstar life of British hunk Jamie Bell & marvel at breathtaking architectural creations in the world.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 96: Tinseltown
We recognize some leading ladies of Tinseltown. Check out the intriguing superstar life of Tessa Thompson & why is Scotland is a celebrity magnet?
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 101: Jack Whitehall
Superstars who were once classmates. We ogle good-looking Brit Jack Whitehall.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 102: Jameela Jamil
Celebs who love posting food pics on Instagram & get wowed by the superstar life of Jameela Jamil. The Place To be is The Royal Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 103: Busy Philipps
Superstars who love baking. All about the luxurious life of the talented Busy Philipps.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 104: Naomi Campbell
Supermodels who started charity organizations, the opulent life led by the stunning Naomi Campbell, head to the Middle East for the Red Sea Film Festival.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 105: Ed Sheeran
Superstars who love getting tattoos. The British popstar Ed Sheeran. The breathtaking scenery of Anguilla Island in the Caribbean.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 107: Angela Sarafyan
Some tips on how to run for President and win. Get to know the stunning Angela Sarafyan a little better. Head to the Middle East for the Red Sea Film Festival.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 108: Emily Ratajkowski
We salute the stars who held their fellows’ hands in showbiz. Tell you all about the superstar life of Emily Ratajkowski.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 109: Tessa Hilton
All about blonde bombshell Tessa Hilton, explore the incorporation of artificial intelligence into fitness & stars who’ve excellently rocked a trench coat on the red carpet.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 93: Russia's Capital, Moscow
We tell you which celebs went to the same high school. Dive headfirst into the superstar life of Rami Malek & take a trip to Russia’s capital, Moscow.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 100: Dwayne Johnson
Stars who love playing video games. An intimate look at the luxurious life of Dwayne Johnson.
Celebrity Scrapbook (s1) ep 106: Alexa Chung
Get inspired by successful stars without a degree & by the superstar life of Alexa Chung. Drool over the beauty of the Turks and Caicos Islands.