Celebrity Scoop (s1)

Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 464: Bella Thorne
We get friendly with good girl gone bad Bella Thorne. Book a ticket for the ‘Emily in Paris’ Tour. Tell you which celebs adore their natural tooth gap.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 463: Heidi Klum
We get up close and personal with the gorgeous Kaya Scodelario. Attend Heidi Klum’s spookily glamorous Halloween parties. Name some supermodels with pretty deep pockets.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 466: Halle Berry
We zoom in on the superstar life of the gorgeous Halle Berry. Head to the Middle East for the Red Sea Film Festival.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 470: Marlon Brando
We get to know Stephanie Beatriz a whole lot better. Drool over the exquisite beauty of Marlon Brando’s Island Teti'aroa.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 471: Tom Hopper
We cozy up to the incredibly tall hunk Tom Hopper. Feast our eyes on the breathtaking scenery of the Anguilla Island. Look up to some stunning celebrity giraffes.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 473: Orlando Bloom
We drool over the handsome Brit Orlando Bloom. Check out the iconic globetrotting adventure, The Explorers Grand Slam & learn from the stars whose body art got messed up pretty bad.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 475: Alicia Keys
The gorgeous Alicia Keys. The progress that space tourism has made so far. Applaud some stars who’ve shunned unrealistic beauty standards.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 476: Kacey Musgraves
Take a peek into the celebrity life of Kacey Musgraves. Soak up the sun at the most exquisite beaches from around the world. Which stars live in the musical city of Nashville.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 477: Kendall Jenner
Pack for plenty of outdoor fun at Jackson Hole in Wyoming.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 479: Mandy Moore
All about multitalented star Mandy Moore. Explore the gorgeously remote area of Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Relate with some stars who’ve been candid about their health struggles.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 465: San Diego Comic-Con
We cozy up to the adorable British popstar Ed Sheeran. Go celebrity hunting at the San Diego Comic-Con.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 472: Kylie Jenner
We get all friendly with beauty mogul Kylie Jenner. Grab our ski gear for plenty of fun times at Park City & Deer Valley in Utah. Get inspired by some Generation Z movers & shakers.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 474: Donald Glover
The multitalented Donald Glover. Get blown away by the gorgeous sceneries in Scotland. Familiarize ourselves with some celebrity alter egos.
Celebrity Scoop (s1) ep 478: Shawn Mendes
Get acquainted with musical sensation, Shawn Mendes. Brave the biting cold for the gorgeous film sceneries in Iceland. Applaud some stars who got discovered online.