Making The Movies (s1)

Making The Movies (s1) ep 336: Black Panther
How do non Marvel or DC comic-book adaptations fare. We go behind the scenes of ‘Black Panther’ & we have a talk with F9 screenwriter Daniel Casey.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 335: Hillbilly Elegy
We look at some true Hollywood families. Go behind the scenes of the biographical drama Hillbilly Elegy & meet ‘Moonfall’s special effects master.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 338: The Hundred-Foot Journey
We go behind the scenes of ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’ & the art of puppeteering.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 345: Vacation
The appeal of slapstick comedies, go behind the scenes of Vacation & talk Viking fashion with The Northmans costume designer.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 347: The Northman
Michael Bay’s director trademarks, some trivial fun facts on the action flick Ambulance & meet The Northman’s location manager.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 347: Bright
Look at how cancel culture has affected Hollywood, go behind the scenes of the fantastical sci-fi flick Bright. Discuss Downton Abbeys brilliant screenwriting
Making The Movies (s1) ep 349: Oblivion
Why so many films are shot in Iceland, peek behind the scenes of Oblivion & find out what it’s like to shoot fight scenes.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 350: Doctor Strange
We meet the mastermind behind the MCU. Go behind the scenes of the visual effects heavy film 'octor Strange & which superhero is the strongest of them all.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 351: Costume Designers
Find out why costume designers are so important, check out three iconic video game characters who’ve been brought to the big screen.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 334: Alien: Covenant
How far off are we from shooting films in space? We go behind the scenes of ‘Alien: Covenant’ & we find out how to make a good horror movie.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 337: The Host
We go behind the scenes of ‘The Host’ & build some sets with ‘Moonfall’s art producer.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 344: Bohemian Rhapsody
We dig into psychological thrillers. Go behind the scenes of The Good Liar & look at Queen members Brian & Stevens involvement with Bohemian Rhapsody.
Making The Movies (s1) ep 346: Behind The Candelabra
Steven Soderbergh’s director trademarks. Michael Douglas becomes Liberace in Behind the Candelabra & meet the DoP of At Eternity’s Gate.