Stars In Style (s1)

Stars In Style (s1) ep 13: Paris Jackson
She’s an activist, a musician, a model and occasionally an actress, yes, there are few things Paris Jackson can’t do.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 12: Emily Ratajkowski
She’s an actress, a model, an entrepreneur and probably one of the biggest social influencers around she’s of course the one and only Emily Ratajkowski.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 11: Mon petit Coco
Though this bubbly Canadian beauty was born Mikhaila Rocha, you might know her better as Coco Rocha these days.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 10: Ana de Armas
Going from blonde to brunette or from messy pink strands to a short dark bob in the blink of an eye, style chameleon Ana de Armas is taking Hollywood by storm.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 09: Sara Sampaio
Now a familiar face in the fashion industry, green eyed beauty Sara Sampaio started her career in front of the camera at the age of 16.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 08: Chloe Bennet
She sings, she acts and she looks incredibly stylish while doing so, Chloe Bennet is a real it girl in the making.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 07: Bebe Rexha
Born in the Brooklyn area of New York City to Albanian parents, rising star Bebe Rexha actually came into this world as Bleta, which is Albanian for Bee.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 06: Billie Eilish
From her colorful looks to her angelic voice, music phenomenon Billie Eilish has taken the world by storm.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 05: Rosalía Vila Tobella
Born Rosalía Vila Tobella, but these days known simply as Rosalía, this Spanish superstar is taking over the world.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 04: Olivia Culpo
From acting to modelling, from designing to influencing Olivia Culpo is quite the busy bee to say the least.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 03: Ashley Nicolette Frangipane
Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, these days better known as Halsey, is the oldest of three siblings.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 02: Keke Palmer
If there’s one 21st century it girl who can rock all of the above it’s most definitely Keke Palmer.
Stars In Style (s1) ep 01: Liar
From ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ to ‘Liar’, from ’Havana’ to ‘Senorita’, these days, we almost can’t imagine a world without her songs.