Terrua (s1)

Terrua (s1) ep 01: Maipo Island
Maria Gracia visits Maipo Island, Santa Ines estate and interviews winemaker E. Jordan. They visit the composting plant, he explains what the procedure consists of as they walk through the vineyards.
Terrua (s1) ep 02: Limari Valley
Maria Gracia leaves her apartment heading to the Ovalle Harvest Festival. She interviews winemaker Felipe Muller, they talk about the cactus flower and the vineyards of the Limari area.
Terrua (s1) ep 03: Cuerovaca Restorant
Maria Gracia visits Cuerovaca restorant, in the company of Hector Vergara. They sit at the table enjoying a bottle of wine from Santa Rita Vineyard.
Terrua (s1) ep 04: Viu Manent Vineyard
Maria Gracia visits Viu Manent Vineyard, interviews wine grower Miguel Mujica, they talk about the quality of the wine in the area, greet some seasonal women who were harvesting the grapes.
Terrua (s1) ep 09: The Ristorant Da Carla
The Chapter Begins At The Ristorant Da Carla" Where Hector Vergara And Maria Gracia Taste Their Gourmet Dishes Accompanied By Wines Such As Pinot Noir.
Terrua (s1) ep 10: Casablanca Valley
Maria Gracia Leaves Her Apartment Heading for the Casablanca Valley, Interview with Fernando Viollier, Director of the Casablanca Wine Association.
Terrua (s1) ep 11: The Malleco Valley
This Chapter Begins With Maria Gracia And Hector Vergara At The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Where They Taste Wine From The Malleco Valley.
Terrua (s1) ep 12: The Ventisquero Vineyard
Maria Gracia and Hector Vergara arrive at the dependencies of the Hotel W, tour the place, sit at the table and begin to taste both the dinner and the wine from the Ventisquero vineyard.