Racing Today (s1)

Racing Today (s1) ep 01: Nico Kritsiotis, Andrew Bon, Muzi Yeni
01 August 2022 Welcome To Our Exciting New Daily Show On SABC. Today We feature Nico Kritsiotis, Andrew Bon and Muzi Yeni.
Racing Today (s1) ep 02: James Goodman, Chef Mbonani Mbombi
02 August 2022 Welcome To Our Exciting New Daily Show On SABC. Today We feature James Goodman And Chef Mbonani Mbombi.
Racing Today (s1) ep 03: Nico Kritsiotis, James Goodman
03 August 2022 We look at the evolution of horse racing in south Africa with Nico Kritsiotis and James Goodman.
Racing Today (s1) ep 04: Andrew Bon, Langa Mavusa, Frank Nkomo
04 August 2022 Find out what made Andrew Bon love horseracing. Jazz musician Langa Mavusa joins us in studio. Langa and Benni go out exploring at stables in Midrand and meet up with groom Frank Nkomo.
Racing Today (s1) ep 05: Yaya Mavundla
05 August 2022 Nico Kritsiotis Gives Us More Insights Into The Sport Of Horse Racing. Media Personality Yaya Mavundla Joins Us In Studio.
Racing Today (s1) ep 06: Malakai Maphalal, Amkelo Jiyane, Reggie Star
08 August 2022 Nico Kritsiotis Is Back In The Studio Sharing His Knowledge About Horse Racing. Today We Focus On Fashion And Speak To Designer's Malakai Maphalal, Amkelo Jiyane And Reggie Star.
Racing Today (s1) ep 07: Fundi Sithebe, Natalie Turner, Robyn Klaasen
09 August 2022 We Celebrate Women's Day With Fundi Sithebe The CEO Of 4Racing And Natalie Turner From The Racehorse Owners Association. Benni Langa Talks To Trainer Robyn Klaasen.
Racing Today (s1) ep 08: Nadine Backos, Kabelo Matsunyana
10 August 2022 J Goodman, A Bon And N Kritsiotis Are In Studio And Benni Langa Talks To Racehorse Owner Nadine Backos And Jockey Kabelo Matsunyana.
Racing Today (s1) ep 09: Arnold Hyde, Mbali Mbanjwa
11 August 2022 Andrew Bon Is In Studio. Arnold Hyde From The NHRA Joins Us And We Profile The Career Of Jockey Turned Presenter Nadine Low Ah Kee. Benni Langa Talks To Miss Bachelorette Mbali Mbanjwa.
Racing Today (s1) ep 10: Robert Moore, Kaiden Brewer, Siyanda Sosibo
12 August 2022 We Find Out More About Buying A Racehorse With Nico Kritsiotis And Robert Moore Explains What It Takes To Be A Jockey.
Racing Today (s1) ep 11: Anca Roode, Dr Sheelagh Higgerety, Benni Langa
15 August 2022 Nico Kritsiotis, Anca Roode And Dr Sheelagh Higgerety Are Our Guests This Evening And Benni Langa Was At Turffontein For Women's Day.
Racing Today (s1) ep 12: Rachel Vennike, iHhashi Elimhlope
16 August 2022 We Speak to James Goodman And Jockey Rachel Venniker. Benni Langa Talks To Maskandi Music Legend iHhashi Elimhlope.
Racing Today (s1) ep 13: O'Meara Rusike, Jesse Suntela
17 August 2022 A Bon, N Kritsiotis And J Goodman Are In Studio. We Speak To Jockey O'Meara Rusike And Actor Jesse Suntela.
Racing Today (s1) ep 14: Ashleigh Kabe
18 August 2022 Loot Love Chats To Andrew Bon. Ashleigh Kabe Tells Us How She Combined Her Love Of Horses And Photography.
Racing Today (s1) ep 15: Billy Monama, Batsile Ramasodi
19 August 2022 Nico Kritsiotas Explains Horse Auctions. Benni Meets Jazz Muscian Billy Monama And Batsile Ramasodi Is Our Studio Guest.
Racing Today (s1) ep 16: The Upcoming Equus Awards
22 August 2022 Nico Kritsiotas And Natalie Turner Are In Studio To Talk about The Upcoming Equus Awards.
Racing Today (s1) ep 17: Sean Tarry, Corrie Lensley
23 August 2022 Benni Langa Is In Studio. Trainer Sean Tarry Discusses The Past Racing Season. We Go Out And Meet Trainer Corrie Lensley.
Racing Today (s1) ep 18: The York Ebor Festival
24 August 2022 Andrew Bon Talks About The York Ebor Festival. Presenter Samora Mangesi Is In Studio. Benni Langa Meets Stylist Lindani Ndwandwa.
Racing Today (s1) ep 19: The Equus Awards At Emperors Palace
25 August 2022 This Episode Is Dedicated To The Equus Awards That Were Held At Emperors Palace Last Night.
Racing Today (s1) ep 20: Nico Kritsiotis & Cedric Fourie
26 August 2022 Nico Kritsiotis And Cedric Fourie Explain The Upcoming Sales.
Racing Today (s1) ep 21: Sifiso Hadebe
29 August 2022 Nico Kritsiotis Is In Studio To Update Us On The Sales. We Speak To Racehorse Auctioneer Sifiso Hadebe.
Racing Today (s1) ep 22: Naledi Segale And Shea Wright
30 August 2022 Showjumper's Naledi Segale And Shea Wright Are On The Show.
Racing Today (s1) Ep 23: Nico Kritsiotis And Alistair Cohen
31 August 2022 Race Callers Nico Kritsiotis And Alistair Cohen Are Our Studio Guests.