MTV Shuga Down South (s1)

Welcome Home
Bongi reluctantly returns to Johannesburg from Lagos to live with her aunt. At the airport, she spots Nigerian Femi who is about to start work at Club Surge.
Sex Pest
Bongi dreads the first day of school. Her only solace is that Reggie attends the same school. Elsewhere, it's discovered that Khensani's secret lover is her English teacher.
Free Falling
Storm plans to use Femi to make Rakeem jealous. Tsholo, left hanging, accepts a ride home from an acquaintance but is confronted by an ulterior motive.
Love Hurts
Sheila offers to visit, but Femi declines. Meanwhile, Mr. Vilakazi encourages Ipeleng to enter the science expo; Nomalanga talks with Bongi and Coalstove about sex and contraceptives.
Daddy’s Home
Bongi and Coalstove bond over her new song and things start to get serious, but are they playing it “safe”? Khensani is amazed by the things that Sol has bought Tsholo.
Femi is impressed by Bongi's stage performance and he introduces her to a record producer. Khensani visits Masangu at his house and he demands she get rid of the pregnancy.
Under Cover
Reggie and Diliza spend time together.
Head In The Sand
Princess (Sharon Ezeamaka), finally realizes who Solomon (Sani Mu'azu) really is - with disastrous consequences for all.
Khensani goes through with the backstreet abortion. Bongi and Coalstove learn they are both HIV positive.
Rude Awakening
Can Prep save Femi and Sheila relationship? Bongi blames Coalstove for her misfortunes, while Leo comes to Zamo’s rescue establishing a dialogue that provides some clarity.