MTV Shuga Naija (s4)

“Angel” Donor
Faa struggles to bail Ebisinde out of jail and is contacted by a mysterious “Angel” Donor. Tobi is enraptured by new GF Barbie. Yasmin suffers backlash over last season’s SEX-Ed presentation.
Tobi is reunited with estranged sister M.J. Ebisinde learns life lesson from cell mates. Faa’s “Angel” donor makes a generous contribution. Chinedu conceives of sex-ed app; Q-CODE.
Mrs Olotu Unleashes Terror
Rape charges are pressed against Frances’s rapists. Tobi makes a bold stand for Faa. Ebisinde returns to school where Mrs Olotu has unleashed terror. Khalil mourns his mother’s estrangement.
Q-Code App
Faa meets her mystery “Angel” donor. Tobi learns the truth about Barbie. Sgt Iyanu tries to discuss contraceptives with Segun. Attraction sparks between Simi and Wasiu.
“Hello Lagos”
“Hello Lagos” health workers visit Molade Memorial. Faa receives a disturbing text from “Angel”.Tension grows between Yasmin and Mahmud. Ebisinde and Cynthia share a first kiss.
Final Exams
Molade Memorial students feel the heat as their final exams take off. A trolled Faa runs into Tobi and finds solace in music. Mahmud defies family to save his marriage. Tobi and Barbie break up.
Molade Memorial
Faa finds courage to perform an original song. Molade Memorial students react to their exam results. Tobi and Simi share their STI results with their sexual partners.
Wedding Jitters
Hadiza returns to Kano and shares hopes of furthering her education. Maryam calls off her wedding. Wasiu and his gang try to ruin the graduation party. Khalil and Mrs Olotu are reunited.