MTV Shuga Babi Cote D'ivoire (s1)

Welcome In Abidjan
A young group of Ivoirian's begin studies at the Daouahou Institute. Though enveloped in academia, their hearts are loyal to dance and the music. Flirting begins...
Couples begin to form within the group. Mateo and Eslie are falling in love. Passion takes hold and they mistakenly make love without protection. Eslie takes an HIV test.
Storms Are Brewing
Eslie's HIV test results are in, but now she must convince boyfriend Mateo to take the test too. Love stories continue but does everyone consider the impact of their sexual relationships?
Tony's diagnosis is causing him anxiety and encouraging him to leave the institute. Eslie is angry with Mateo's refusal to take an HIV test. Meanwhile, Mateo is becoming intensely jealous.
In Love Again
Some students are dreaming of stardom, while some couple are living a true love story. Eslie is in love again... but now with Marvin, who is well connected in show business.
The atmosphere is tense. Daniel has been assaulted. Matéo recieves some bad news & is comforted by his father. A group of girls from the institute confront Professor Zamble’s inappropriate behaviour.
Time For Choices
It's time for choices to be made and scores to be settled! Yanel wants Eslie to dance with him. Matéo's HIV status move's him closer to Tony.
Quarrels peak and a wave of tension crashes. There will be successes …and failures, but all are preparing for their futures to unravel.