MTV Shuga Naija (s2)

Road Of True Love
Badoo is in full swing & Sophie has turned her life around and dating Leo. Meanwhile Princess is heavily pregnant and has met mentor Eniola, herself HIV+ who helping her every step of the way.
Eye To Eye
As Princess and Sophie fail to see eye to eye, Sheila learns that her family may not be as understanding as she thought, rocking her relationship with Femi.
Baby Drama
Mary's parents step in, as the motive of her relationship with Nii is questioned. Bongi enters the talent show at Badoo and her friends rally round to cheer her on.
Businessman Gifts
Mary is falling for businessman Nii’s showering of gifts, but are his intentions honourable? Sophie learns of Princess’s latest move and goes ballistic.
Leila is devastated by her discovery of Weki’s secret. Weki tries to win her back, but it doesn’t look good. Princess and Eniola head to Baddoo whilst Sophie and Leo decide to sneak off early.
Sophie’s World
Sophie’s world is rocked by Leo’s breaking of trust and doesn’t even know that Princess has gone into labour. Leila comes to a decision that makes Weki the happiest man on the planet.