Las Vegas (s5)

Las Vegas (s5)

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Las Vegas (s5): ep 01
The Montecito team work alongside the Las Vegas police to find out who killed Mary's father.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 02
The Montecito's new owner, A.J. Cooper, introduces himself to the staff.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 03
Both Danny and Mike apply to become Cooper's new President of Operations.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 04
The Montecito is flooded with beautiful women as the resort hosts the Pacific Tropic Spokesmodel Search Contest.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 05
Danny and Mike investigate after a dead body turns up in Cooper's suite.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 06
Delinda butts heads with the Montecito's new pastry chef.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 07
Delinda decides to fight for the rights of Vegas' strippers, prompting a city-wide strike which has a major impact on the tourist trade.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 08
The Montecito hosts a conference on the environment, inspiring Delinda to make some significant lifestyle changes.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 09
When Danny's uncle makes an unexpected return to town, Mike begins to suspect that trouble can't be far behind.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 10
In the aftermath of the Montecito robbery, all the evidence seem to point to Danny's Uncle Luke.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 11
Christmas is approaching fast, but Mike is struggling to get into a festive mood.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 12
Cooper sends Danny and Mike to buy a horse.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 13
A desperate fugitive has been tracked to the Montecito and every bounty hunter in town is on his trail.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 14
The Montecito staff become suspicious after Cooper bails Piper out of trouble with the gaming commission.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 15
Piper and Mike sample one too many cocktails while attempting to recruit a new bartender and wake up married the next morning.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 16
After taking part in a two-on-two basketball tournament, Mike and Danny are shocked when their opponents turn up dead.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 17
Cooper investigates a guest who seems to be on a suspicious winning streak.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 18
An auction becomes a hostage situation when a gang of thieves attempt to steal a valuable stamp.
Las Vegas (s5): ep 19
Mike plans a wedding ceremony to appease his mother, prompting Danny to formally propose to Delinda.