Rake (s4)

Rake (s4)

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Rake (s4): ep 01
Cleaver makes a crash landing, while Barney becomes an unexpected celebrity.
Rake (s4): ep 02
Barney's new-found fame threatens to blow Cleaver's cover.
Rake (s4): ep 03
Wendy reluctantly comes to Cleaver's rescue when he's left with nowhere else to turn.
Rake (s4): ep 04
Thompson has Cleaver framed for drug trafficking.
Rake (s4): ep 05
Barney and Cleaver put their differences aside to work a case.
Rake (s4): ep 06
When Cleaver defends David, Barney sees it as a betrayal.
Rake (s4): ep 07
Jack makes plans to get Cleaver out of Wendy's life forever.
Rake (s4): ep 08
David throws a spanner in the works as Cleaver considers a career change.