Power (s5)

Power (s5)

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Power (s5): ep 01
James St. Patrick forms a dangerous alliance with Tommy Egan and Kanan Stark.
Power (s5): ep 02
Councilman Tate seizes the opportunity to exploit Raina's death.
Power (s5): ep 03
Angela gathers new intel in her pursuit of the Jimenez Cartel.
Power (s5): ep 04
Ghost, Tommy and Kanan are asked to carry out a dangerous order.
Power (s5): ep 05
The St. Patrick's celebrate Tariq's frst birthday since Raina's death.
Power (s5): ep 06
Following a spiritual awakening, Ghost confesses his sins.
Power (s5): ep 07
Tommy, Kanan and Ghost move in to kill the heads of the Jimenez Cartel.
Power (s5): ep 08
Ghost and his inner circle are implicated in a RICO case.
Power (s5): ep 09
Angela worries that a plan to undercut her career is in motion.
Power (s5): ep 10
When the RICO case collapses, Angela forms her own A-team.