Ripper Street (s4)

Ripper Street (s4)

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Ripper Street (s4): ep 01
Three years have passed and Reid is drawn back to Whitechapel to investigate a case.
Ripper Street (s4): ep 02
Drake continues to investigate the mysterious murder of a young lawyer.
Ripper Street (s4): ep 03
It's Reid's first day back at H Division.
Ripper Street (s4): ep 04
Jackson is under pressure as a murder has links to a man who aided Susan's escape.
Ripper Street (s4): ep 05
When a footballer is brutally murdered, a key suspect is a man close to Drake's heart.
Ripper Street (s4): ep 06
Drake's wife is convinced that Long Susan is alive.
Ripper Street (s4): ep 07
A secret from Reid's past threatens to destroy his future in Whitechapel.