Huntik (s1)

Huntik (s1)

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Huntik (s1): ep 03
The team heads to Prague to learn more about the Amulet of Will.
Huntik (s1): ep 04
Dante and company travel to France in search of the Gargoyle Titan.
Huntik (s1): ep 05
Secrets await the team within the catacombs of Notre-Dame.
Huntik (s1): ep 06
Dante and the team race to get the Ring of the Arc to a safe house.
Huntik (s1): ep 07
The team heads out on a mission to recover Thor's hammer.
Huntik (s1): ep 08
Dante and Montahue must work together to protect Thor's hammer.
Huntik (s1): ep 09
The Organisation plots to unearth an ancient titan known as King Basilisk.
Huntik (s1): ep 10
The team is sent to investigate the legend of Jason and the Argonauts.
Huntik (s1): ep 11
Engine damage strands the team on the mysterious island of Madea.
Huntik (s1): ep 12
The gang must stop the Organisation from invading Sutos Island.
Huntik (s1): ep 13
The team visits Ireland, where they learn more about Lok's family history.
Huntik (s1): ep 14
The team must raise the funds necessary to make it to Egypt.
Huntik (s1): ep 15
The team works to infiltrate the Tomb of Nefertiti.
Huntik (s1): ep 16
The team follows Klaus to his hidden bookshop.
Huntik (s1): ep 17
Zhalia is forced to make a decision about where her loyalties lie.
Huntik (s1): ep 18
The gang goes in search of Sir Lancelot's titan.
Huntik (s1): ep 19
An old friend comes to the rescue when the gang is captured by Amazonians.
Huntik (s1): ep 20
The team heads beneath the waves to the legendary lost city of Atlantis.
Huntik (s1): ep 21
Lok and the gang must pass four tests in Atlantis.
Huntik (s1): ep 22
The team travels to Ethiopia in search of the next legendary titan.
Huntik (s1): ep 23
Lok decides to confess his true feelings for Sophie.
Huntik (s1): ep 24
The gang makes a shocking discovery about the identity of the Professor.
Huntik (s1): ep 25
The Huntik team returns to Prague to confront the Professor.
Huntik (s1): ep 26
Lok and Sophie must defeat the Organisation once and for all.