Huntik (s2)

Huntik (s2)

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Huntik (s2): ep 01
The team use their new titans to take on the villainous Wilder.
Huntik (s2): ep 02
The gang must take back the Tower of Nostradamus from the Organisation.
Huntik (s2): ep 03
Lok and the team head to Northern England in search of Avalon.
Huntik (s2): ep 04
The gang is forced into battle when they are ambushed by the Organisation.
Huntik (s2): ep 05
The team goes in search of the Amulet of Void.
Huntik (s2): ep 06
The team is ambushed by a terrifying new enemy.
Huntik (s2): ep 07
Zhalia makes a horrifying discovery at her old orphanage.
Huntik (s2): ep 08
The team heads into the Paris catacombs in search of the Ring of Arc.
Huntik (s2): ep 09
Zhalia devises a plan that lands the team in grave danger.
Huntik (s2): ep 10
Den struggles to cope with the pressures of his Huntik training.
Huntik (s2): ep 11
The Huntik team is dispatched to Manhattan to rescue a Casterwill Elder.
Huntik (s2): ep 12
Dante, Lok, Den and Sophie meet with the Huntik Council.
Huntik (s2): ep 13
Sophie goes in search of the legendary titan of bravery.
Huntik (s2): ep 14
The Casterwill Elders come under attack by Kiel and his forces.
Huntik (s2): ep 15
The Huntik Team investigates the legend of the Pied Piper.
Huntik (s2): ep 16
Wilder ambushes the team as they explore the Vault of Cortez.
Huntik (s2): ep 17
Lok leads the team on a mission to Romania.
Huntik (s2): ep 18
The Huntik team goes in search of the Casterwill titan, Phoenix.
Huntik (s2): ep 19
The gang continues their mission to recover the Phoenix titan.
Huntik (s2): ep 20
Dante, Lok, Sophie and Den form an unlikely alliance with an old enemy.
Huntik (s2): ep 21
Rassimov unleashes the legendary titan of war.
Huntik (s2): ep 22
The team recuperates at Lok's mother's house.
Huntik (s2): ep 23
Lok and the gang face a race against time to find the Spiral Mark.
Huntik (s2): ep 24
With time running out, the team must reach the Spiral Mark before it's too late.
Huntik (s2): ep 25
The Huntik team and the Casterwills unite to take on the Blood Spirals.
Huntik (s2): ep 26
The team face their final battle against the unstoppable Betrayer.