Sarah & Duck (s1)

Sarah & Duck (s1)

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Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 01
Sarah and Duck find some free seeds in their newspaper and plant them to see what grows.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 02
Duck really wants to be a penguin, so Sarah decides it is time for a trip to the zoo.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 03
Sarah and Duck attempt to find out why their friend Donkey seems so sad.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 04
It's Duck's birthday so Sarah decides to bake a cake to celebrate.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 05
Scarf Lady welcomes Sarah and Duck to her house full of scarves.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 06
Duck isn't careful enough with his favourite toy robot.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 07
Sarah's brand new bouncy ball has a rather unexpected problem.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 08
Sarah and Duck make a colourful new friend during breakfast.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 09
When Duck's chair breaks, a bus trip to a very special shop is in order.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 10
On a windy day, Sarah and Duck try to get their new Kite to fly.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 11
Sarah finds an umbrella that doesn't seem to like the rain.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 12
Sarah and Duck visit a large department store, looking for some new toys.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 13
Scarf Lady's jukebox inspires a knitted instrument band.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 14
Sarah and Duck try to play a tennis doubles match, but are two players short.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 15
A Fairground is being held in the park, but Sarah and Duck can't find their bench.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 16
When Sarah has a cold, Duck helps her enjoy a visit to the doctors.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 17
Sarah and Duck are trying to exercise but the neighbours need their help.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 18
Sarah and Duck are excited about seeing some shooting stars.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 19
Rainbow's colourful glow inspires an art project.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 20
A sleepy Sarah attempts to bake a dessert for a hungry Duck.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 21
Inspired by a nature documentary, Sarah and Duck attempt to take photographs of birds.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 22
Sarah needs some new shoes, but picks out a very unusual pair...
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 23
Sarah and Duck learn to Bob sleigh and have a snowy adventure with Scarf Lady's help.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 24
A game of hide and seek takes longer than usual when Duck gets scared by some fireworks.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 25
When their local park is closed, Sarah and Duck try to find a suitable alternative.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 26
Sarah and Duck are woken up by a loud clanging overhead.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 27
Tortoise is on a mission straight through Sarah and Duck's house!
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 28
Sarah and Duck find themselves part of an exciting treasure hunt.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 29
Sarah is awarded a crown by the ducks at the pond.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 30
Flamingo and John get invited around to Sarah and Duck's house.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 31
Scarf Lady takes to the skies in a knitted hot air balloon to race against an old friend.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 32
Sarah and Duck's tandem bike gets a flat tyre.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 33
Sarah and Duck turn detectives when their friend, Plate Girl, loses her plate.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 34
Sarah and Duck give Moon painting lessons after being inspired by a trip to a gallery.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 35
Sarah and Duck dress up as each other and decide to perform a play!
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 36
When Bread Man needs help, Sarah and Duck come to the rescue withtheir tandem bike!
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 37
Bug's plant is looking droopy. His button collecting seems to be the cause of the problem.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 38
Scarf Lady has run out of wool so Sarah and Duck help her to harvest more wool.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 39
Sarah decides that octagons are her favourite shape, so starts an 8 person club.
Sarah & Duck (s1): ep 40
Sarah wants some special lights for her Christmas tree.