50 Central (s1)

50 Central (s1)

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50 Central (s1): ep 01
Katt Williams digs through trash, a new drink is on the market, and actors learn a hard truth.
50 Central (s1): ep 02
A new phone plan is here, a seminar gets raunchy, and a street report on whether the price is aight.
50 Central (s1): ep 03
Basic girls learn a new skill, a family that prays together, stays together, and Kevin Hart's reach.
50 Central (s1): ep 04
A superhero saves the day, Lil Duval comes to ruin your day, and a date that should go wrong.
50 Central (s1): ep 05
Porn for women is here, a new product keeps white people in check, and auditions for 50 commence.
50 Central (s1): ep 06
Meet hip hop's worst freshman class, 50 finds his partner in crime, and Vince hits the streets.
50 Central (s1): ep 07
Toya gives some weight loss tips, Mark takes the fall for 50, and these bank robbers have morals.
50 Central (s1): ep 08
Michelle and Barack have a late-night call, 50 is dating your mom, and new car insurance is here.
50 Central (s1): ep 09
Travel agency for slave trade, Toya teaches us a new trick, and check out this street magic.
50 Central (s1): ep 10
A hilarious hidden camera prank, and an alternate version of Snoop and Martha's cooking show.
50 Central (s1): ep 11
Toya blesses us with more advice, and find out what happens when edibles meet girl scout cookies.
50 Central (s1): ep 12
New competition sport 'the struggle games', and Jasmin hits the streets to play a game.
50 Central (s1): ep 13
Cedric The Entertainer features, a new way to help white people, and 50 goes on a pranking spree.
50 Central (s1): ep 14
Toya goes for an interview, and see how people react to others getting rewarded for cutting in line.
50 Central (s1): ep 15
Tichina Arnold gives 50 some tips, see what angers New Yorkers, and the return of Reggie & Markisha.
50 Central (s1): ep 16
Cooking with Snoop is back, and find out what people do when they are placed in a rap song.
50 Central (s1): ep 17
Tips on renting a car, Deelishis pranks unsuspecting couples, and Ludacris drops in with 50.
50 Central (s1): ep 18
Check in with the Obamas, couples' relationships are put to the test, and sex thoughts are revealed.
50 Central (s1): ep 19
More trusty advice from Toya, Mark puts strangers in his raps, and a pyramid scheme for Bad Bitches.
50 Central (s1): ep 20
New Yorkers try to decode rap lyrics, people's thoughts on time travel, and 50's tour of Hollywood.
50 Central (s1): ep 21
Advice for being a side chick, a new gameshow for divorced couples, and a strange casting session.
50 Central (s1): ep 22
See what couples want to know about each other, and a cab driver takes 50 for a ride.
50 Central (s1): ep 23
Donnell Rawlings' business proposal, people react to ashes being dropped on them, and Toya Teaches.
50 Central (s1): ep 24
50 meets the cast of Power, and a new show to catch gold diggers.