Ruby Gloom (s1)

Ruby Gloom (s1)

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Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 01
Ruby plans a surprise party for everyone but due to a series of mishaps and broken telephone, everyone gets the wrong impression that Ruby’s moving out.
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 02
The gang is shocked to discover that Scaredy Bat has never actually flown due to nerves and a “woozy” reaction to heights.
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 03
When Doom’s odd behavior includes pointing to things that aren’t there, Ruby starts to worry she’s having a nervous breakdown.
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 04
During a raucous game of Hide n’ Seek, Mr. Buns goes missing
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 05
Iris’ latest adventure craze –coiled spring jumping – proves that enough is never enough for Iris
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 06
The whole house is a hive of activity as everyone prepares for the upcoming science fair.
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 07
When Poe injures his wing, he is soon driving everyone crazy with his incessant demands
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 08
Ruby acts as Frank and Len’s manager and suggests they get a girl singer for their upcoming appearance at Gloomapalooza
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 09
Frank and Len are writing a rock opera for everyone in the house to star in at the Gloomsville Music Hall.
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 10
It’s Club Day in Gloomsville. The gang splinter off to form clubs and prepare for the club’s appearance in the big Gloomsville parade.
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 11
When a cute little bunny lands on Ruby’s doorstep, everybody is charmed by its sweet nature. Everybody but Doom, that is
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 12
The annual holiday of Yam Ween is upon the gang
Ruby Gloom (s1): ep 13
When Skull Boy thinks he’s a descendent of Shakespeare, he spouts his own love sonnets making Iris and Misery instantly crush on him.