Barney & Friends (s12)

Barney & Friends (s12)

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Barney & Friends (s12): ep 01
Daniel explains to everybody how he and his family will use different modes of transportation on their vacation.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 02
Barney and Friends take an imaginary visit to the moon.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 03
When he tries to join some older kids in jump-roping, Daniel fails miserably.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 04
When Riff is asked to be captain of a baseball team, he doesn’t think he can do it.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 05
It’s another fun, adventurous day in the park. Grace’s food drive isn’t going very well until Melanie offers to help.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 06
When several sports balls suddenly disappear without a trace, it’s detective BJ to the rescue as he dons trenchcoat and fedora.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 07
Layla and her friends celebrate her birthday in the park.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 08
BJ learns a lesson about bragging when, playing superhero CAPTAIN PICKLES.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 09
Baby Bop meets a new girl named Jill who doesn’t want to join the fun, and is too shy to play.
Barney & Friends (s12): ep 10
A creepy spider inspires Barney to tell the story of “The Reluctant Dragon,”.