Elle & Tito: The Married Life (s1)

Performance Anxiety
The newlyweds did not have sex for 3 years leading up to their wedding and were obviously looking forward to saying "I do!" Now that they are married, the thrill is gone.
Baby Talk
A trip back home to Pennsylvania turns into a debate about when to have kids. Elle is eager, but Tito wants to wait. Who wins?
A Pound of Flesh
Elle and Tito need to get back in shape. What starts as a joint effort turns into a heated weight loss competition.
Sleepless in North Hollywood
Tito's insomnia is affecting the marriage. He seeks help and ends up trying hypnosis at a sleep clinic.
Operation Big Bear
Elle's expectations for a romantic weekend are squashed when it turns out Tito has invited all his friends to stay in the cabin as well.
Big Bear 2: The Wrath of Tito
Once Tito realizes Elle fooled him with an elaborate practical joke, he plots his revenge using the couple's six month anniversary as bait.
Stage Fright
Elle and Tito get their music careers back in gear, but Tito's stage fright is standing in their way. Tito attempts to cure himself by performing at a comedy club.
Putting It On Wax
While hard at work writing a love song, Elle gets upset at Tito for asking her to get a bikini wax. She agrees to do it only if Tito gets one as well.
Elle and Tito Live
The next step in the Elle and Tito music career is to do a live show and work on their stage presence. Elle arranges a meeting with a stage director and Tito enlists in an improv class.
Old Folks Phobia
Elle and Tito argue doing charity work. Elle responds by signing them both up to do volunteer work at an Old Folks home and Tito must face his fear of the elderly.
Tito De Bergerac
When Carlos and Marti get in a fight, Carlos comes to live with Elle and Tito. It doesn't take long for Carlos to get on both their nerves.
The Motorcycle
When Tito gets tired of walking everywhere, he decides he wants a motorcycle. Ells is afraid he'll get hurt so she organizes a motorcycle intervention.
The Great Director
Elle and Tito realize that their online music video isn't very professional; they agree to let Carlos direct their new and improved video, but Carlos gets carried away with his role as an artist.