Fuse Festivals Music Midtown (s1)

Storytime With AJR
Remember coming up with random nouns, verbs and adjectives to fill out funny stories as a kid? Electro-pop trio AJR proves it's still fun today, on the scene at Music Midtown 2017.
Joywave Hysterically Reveals How Well They Know Each Other
On location at Music Midtown 2017, Fuse finds out if Joywave knows each other better than they know themselves.
Broods Hilariously Try to Guess Each Other's Answers to Personal Questions
The New Zealand electro-pop duo are actual brother and sister, but does that mean they really, truly know each other? Fuse finds out on location at Music Midtown 2017.
Lizzo Calls The Weeknd’s Hair An Elevated Surface While Playing Storytime
Rapper-singer Lizzo kicked it with Fuse at Music Midtown to play our new "Storytime With..." game despite the rising heat in "Hotlanta."
Lizzo Talks Hidden Talents and Her True Feelings About the Term Spirit Animal
Rising Minneapolis-based act Lizzo sat down with Fuse at Music Midtown 2017 to find out just how well her backup dancers actually know her.
Judah and The Lion's ad Habits and Body Hair Allergies
After four-plus years of performing together as Judah & The Lion, the Nashville-based folk band sat down at Music Midtown 2017 to find out if the members truly know one another.
Judah and the Lion's Hilarious Story at Music Midtown
The Nashville band sat down with Fuse to play a game of "Storytime With..." on day 2 of Music Midtown 2017.
Recap With AJR, Lizzo, Broods & More
Bruno Mars, AJR, Future, Dua Lipa, Mumford & Sons, Lizzo, and dozens more hit the festival stage at Music Midtown 2017, but the excitement didn't stop there.