House of Joy (s1)

Meet the Family
Joy wants a hit record of her own, and Rodney struggles to comply but worries that his greatest love may turn out to be his toughest client.
Match Point
Joy asks Rodney to take her to the studio, but he's got his hands full with clients; Joy plays instructor and gives the children a day on the tennis court.
Surprise Surprise
Joy is in full planning mode for RJ's birthday; Rodney takes Heavenly to the studio to record a song for RJ.
A Sign From Above
Joy decides to go into the fashion business when she strikes upon an idea of making t-shirts with her favorite Bible verses; Rodney considers making a drastic change.
Fowl Play
Fed up with the family's bad habits, Joy institutes a health boot camp for everyone; Rodney makes some changes to Joy's beloved tennis court.
Perfect Partners
Joy recruits the millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger to find the perfect man for her sister; Rodney takes Spanish lessons from his father-in-law.
Ready for Action
Joy pays a visit to a choreographer to spice up her dance moves and completely misses an appointment with Rodney.
Lost in Paradise
A romantic Hawaiian retreat for Rodney and Joy becomes an island adventure for the entire family; Joy worries about balancing family and her career.