Curvy Girls (s1)

New Beginnings
Welcome to the world of plus-sized models - gorgeous women striving to succeed in a business ruled by 0-sized mindsets. These beautiful Latina models have big personalities and bigger dreams.
Flaunt It
Full-figure fashion's Latina models Ivory, Denise and LornaLitz face uncompromising shoots, risky agent juggling, overbearing exes and fierce competition.
Too Much Sugar
Lorna reaps the rewards of having a sugar daddy; Denise tries her hand at video hosting; the drama explodes like fireworks at Ivory's birthday bash.
Daters & Haters
Denise dates Ivory's brother, but is shocked by a surprise announcement by her ex; Ivory tries online dating; Lorna receives some devastating news.
Nude Attitude
Ivory, Lorna and Rosie compete for the same nude editorial shoot; the girls decide to give speed dating a try.
Fashion Friction
Lorna tries to ignore Ivory's curt criticism and lands a hot runway show; Denise fizzles at a video audition; a family emergency upsets plans.
Shake It Up!
Denise struggles to balance her commitment to acting and her family; Lorna confronts her sugar daddy's demands; Ivory checks out her options for starting a family.