Five Guys a Week (s1)

Amy is looking for an adventurous new guy. Sun-kissed surfer Trystan, singer-songwriter Scott, stuntman Michael, fraud investigator Christian and potential dark horse Glenn all move in with her.
Five guys move in with Kellie from Burnley for a week, and try to win her affections. There's testosterone aplenty and palpable chemistry, and things get spicy over a takeaway.
Hope comes from Jamaican heritage, while her taste in men is decidedly Celtic. She invites five ginger-haired men into her home for a week: is one of them the right guy for her?
Fun-loving Susan is ready to date again after losing her husband eight years ago. Five potential suitors move in with her, in an eclectic week including baking and tantric massage.
For 33-year-old Nina, appearances are everything. She invites five potential suitors into her immaculate flat, as she looks for a guy who won't be out of place in her beloved des res.