Hollywood Buzz (s1)

Arty Road Movie Sweet Thing
We check out the arty road movie Sweet Thing. Scroll through some old school celebs who are totally into social media & travel to Zurich to check out all the fashion from their film festival.
Horror Flick Freaky
We examine the funny horror flick Freaky. Check out celebrity kids who look just like their parents. And list all the lovers of Taraji P. Henson.
Family Film The Witches
We interview the cast of the family film The Witches. Check out these super celebs who never seem to get old & meet the stars at the premiere of the sports drama Jungleland.
My Salinger Year
We talk about love with the cast of All My Life. Check out celebrity couples and meet the stars at the premiere of the inspiring drama My Salinger Year.
Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey
We join the holiday fun in Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey. We interview the cast from the heartfelt drama Hillbilly Elegy & we check out the love life of the enchanting Shay Mitchell.
The Croods: A New Age
We interview the cast of the family flick The Croods: A New Age. Check out the awesome fashion choices of the enchanting Emma Stone & discuss the essentials of a typical Christmas movie.
Crock Of Gold
Jamie Foxx voices a guy named Joe in the new Pixar flick Soul. We check out the fashion statements of the wonder-ful Gal Gadot & Johnny Depp hits the red carpet as the producer of Crock Of Gold.
Weddings And Babies And Breakups Of 2020
We look at two all time favorites. List all the Weddings, Babies and Breakups of 2020 and examine some actors who broke through this year.
Interview With The Cast Of The Hand Drawn Family Animation Wolfwalkers
We interview the cast of the hand drawn family animation ‘Wolfwalkers’ Check out the TV shows that kept us sane throughout this crazy year and revisit the most spectacular award shows of 2020
Check Out Celebs Who Were Not Raised By Their Biological Parents
We have a look at the captivating football drama 'Safety' Check out celebs who were not raised by their biological parents and meet up with stars at the premiere of 'Synchronic'
We Check Out Your Favorite Celebs Who’ve Made Waves On The Internet
A young lady is on a mission for revenge in 'Promising Young Woman' We check out your favorite celebs who’ve made waves on the internet and we have a chat with the stars at the premiere of 'Vivarium'
Romantic Tragedy Wander Darkly
We check out the romantic tragedy 'Wander Darkly' Find out which of your favourite celebs have faced cheating allegations. Head to the premiere of the heart touching film 'Our Friend'
The Midnight Sky
We check out the captivating science fiction film The Midnight Sky. Have a look at celebs who are proud parents of twins and meet the stars at the premiere of American Son.
A terminally ill woman says goodbye to her family and friends in 'Blackbird' & take a look back at some of the coolest moments from the Berlin Film Festival.
The Historical Drama ‘The Dig’
We interview the cast of the historical drama The Dig. Check out a few celebrity tattoo mistake & we admire some fashion highlights of the Golden Globes.
Former Kid Stars Who Made A Major Comeback
An interview with the cast of the drama ‘My Salinger Year’ Check out former kid stars who made a major comeback in Hollywood & highlight the greatest winter premieres.
Dramedy Breaking News From Yuba County
We chat with the cast of the dramedy Breaking News from Yuba County. Check out some stars who got hitched super-fast & explore the greatest TV premieres in recent years.
Flora & Ulysses
We interview the cast of the superhero comedy ‘Flora & Ulysses’ Check out some stars who started their careers with Disney, explore Robert Downey Jr’s most iconic premieres.