B-Side (s2017)

B-Side (s2017)

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B-Side (s2017): ep 09
From humble beginnings to one of the biggest selling South African musicians - singer, song-writer Zahara joined Bridget Masinga for #KayaLunchtime just days after her latest album “Mgodi”. In the heartfelt conversation she opened up about her challenges and her dichotomous relationship with the fame she has been thrust into since the release of her debut album Loliwe in 2011.
B-Side (s2017): ep 11
Ghanaian photographer Eric Gyamfi joined Bridget Masinga on #KayaLunchTime. Hi latest showcase “Just Like Us" focuses on homosexual people in Ghana. He opens the dialogue on the presence of non-heteronormative members in society and the important role that they play in constructing the national social fabric. His first attempt was photographing LGBTI people who had experienced violence and abuse.
B-Side (s2017): ep 14
"Two years after bumping into Jussie Smollett, Bridget Masinga sat down with the Empire Super Star at Kaya House to catch up with him about his early appearances on our screens in “On Our Own” in the mid-90s to his Artivism, Empire success and his blooming music career.