Design for You (s1)

Space Matters
We are talking space. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large freestanding house, we show you how to maximise the space you have.
Siyanda And Sakhile Of Pate Arts & Crafts
We take a look at some basic interior design styles. Our design makers of the day, Siyanda and Sakhile of Pate Arts & Crafts show us some up cycled wooden furniture.
Karen Richards Of K Interiors
We explore colour in all it's complementary, contrasting and muted forms. Karen Richards of K Interiors will be helping us explore the use of colour whether it be a splash or a spread
Interior Designer & Decor Journalist Kelly Adami
We delve into accessorising and adding detail to your home. Our featured guest is interior designer and decor journalist Kelly Adami.
Interior Designer Donald Nxumalo
We talk about adding visual interest to our homes with texture and pattern. Our featured guest is interior designer Donald Nxumalo.
Relaxing And Serene
We look at how we can make our homes more relaxing and serene.
Designs For Children
We look at designing rooms for children.
Interior Designer Tessa Proudfoot
We look at creating focal points. Interior designer Tessa Proudfoot shows us how we can create points of interest in the home.
Lighting Matters
It’s all about lighting. Lighting plays a bigger role in our homes than we think.
Julia Day Of Generation Design
We look at using nature inspired elements in the home. Our guest is Julia Day of Generation Design who takes us through a home designed using only natural features.
Unique Buys
We look at adorning your home with statement pieces and unique buys.
We look at how to make your home a better place to entertain your guests.
Interior Designer Kim Hutton
We zoom in on modern styled interiors. Interior Designer, Kim Hutton takes us through an apartment he's designed and breaks down the idea of a modern home.