The History of Food (s1)

The Invention of Cooking
Humans have depended on fire for millennia, but do we fully understand the impact it has had on our diet?
The Agricultural Revolution
From the first row of planted crops, the practice of agriculture rendered man's hunter-gatherer lifestyles obsolete in favor of settled life and stable food supplies.
Fermentation, Preservation and Exploration
Just as humans have always sought food to survive, we have also sought the means to preserve that food. Right from the very moment of a kill or a harvest, food begins to break down.
The Industry of Food
Industrialization brought the second great food revolution. Over the brief span of the 20th century, agriculture underwent greater change than it had since it was first practiced some 12000 years ago.
The Future of Food
Industrialized and processed food has dominated the last century. Now, the question is, what's next?