Little Women: LA (s8)

Uphill Battle
After overcoming health scares, toxic relationships and having four babies, these friends know a thing or two about getting through pain...and doing it together.
Rollin With The Homies
When Christy plans her daughter Autumn's skating disco themed birthday party, Autumn feels smothered and worries Christy is only being overbearing because Autumn is a little person.
Ghost Guns Girls Trip
With tension growing between Jasmine and Mika, Terra arranges a girls trip to Placerville, California, so everyone can experience Mika on her own turf.
Hoarders And Performers
Jasmine pursues her love of music by signing up for a performance showcase, but struggles to overcome her anxiety and stage fright.
Little Issues
Terra joins forces with the Dwarf Athletic Association, to sponsor a Bocce Tournament.
Marriage On The Rocks
Feeling inspired by her recent weight loss, Christy decides to start a lingerie line, but not everyone is supportive of her new business venture.
Chili Dog Dreams
As the vow renewal prep begins, Jasmine's Bridezilla tendencies come out.
Hen Party Fiasco
Elena presents her children's book for the girls' time, but questions from the girls, leave her speechless.
I Do's And Don'ts
To recommit their struggling marriage, Jasmine and Chris celebrate with an elaborate vow renewal ceremony.
Social Media Intervention
Christy tries to help Todd qualify for a surgery that will drastically help his mobility, but instead of following the doctor's orders, Todd drags his feet.
Meddling Queen
After losing a ton of weight, Christy seeks out treatment for her recent hair loss.
The Snowball Effect
Christy sees the first of her lingerie designs brought to life, but not every piece is a success.
Terra and Joe are on pins and needles when their daughter Penny has to have multiple medical tests.
Truth And Dare
On the heels of one of their dirtiest fights ever, Jasmine, Elena and Tonya do damage control between Terra and Christy.
Totally Shady
Elena takes huge professional strides by producing a photo shoot for her eye new shadow palette, and having the first public reading of her children's book.
Baring It All
Tonya gives the women the true strip club experience at the premiere of her play "Roxy."
Big Little Retreat
With her marriage to Todd on the rocks, Christy seeks advice from Tonya. Meanwhile, Terra hosts her "Pushing Boundaries" retreat in Mexico.
The End Of An Era
Trying to be better friends, Tonya and Elena step up to run events at Terra's Little Person Retreat in Mexico.