Time to Know (s1)

Chocolate Paste, Slinky, Vaseline, Modelling Clay
This episode is about chocolate paste, slinky, vaseline, modelling clay (plasticine).
Corn Flakes, Post-It Notes, Vaccination, Thermoplastic Bakelite
This episode is about corn flakes, post-it notes, vaccination, thermoplastic bakelite.
Fruit Popsicles, Telephone, Microscope, Synthetic Dye Mauveine
This episode is about fruit popsicles, telephone, microscope, synthetic dye mauveine.
Stainless Steel, Matches, Botox, Tea Bags
This episode is about stainless steel, matches, botox, tea bags.
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Garbage Bag, Pacemaker, Unbreakable Glass
This episode is about chocolate chip cookies, garbage bag, pacemaker, unbreakable glass (triplex).
Grill, Dynamite, Anaesthesia, Cue Stick Tip
This episode is about grill, dynamite, anaesthesia, cue stick tip.
Sandwich, Car Jack, Antidepressants, Mackintosh
This episode is about sandwich, car jack, antidepressants, mackintosh.
Coffee, Toothbrush, Rubber Vulcanization, Zipper
This episode is about coffee, toothbrush, rubber vulcanization, zipper.
Chewing Gum, Razor, Christmas Cards, Superglue
This episode is about chewing gum, razor, christmas cards, superglue.
Waffle Cone, Crossword Puzzle, Iodine, Cellophane
This episode is about waffle cone, crossword puzzle, iodine, cellophane.
Champagne, Firework, Saccharin, Reinforced Concrete
This episode is about champagne, firework, saccharin, reinforced concrete.
Medical Gloves, Cart For Shopping, Teflon, Hook And Loop Fasteners
This episode is about medical gloves, cart for shopping, teflon, hook and loop fasteners.