MTV Shuga Naija (s1)

Home Coming
When Femi returns from Nairobi to Lagos a long-standing secret upsets the relationship between his music promoter friend Ekene, and Ekene's girlfriend Foye.
Shine Eyes
When Sophie discovers that Solomon her "aristo" lover is HIV positive, she goes to tell ex-boyfriend Ekene that they need to get tested. We also meet young married couple Malaika and Nii.
Testing, Testing
High school student Weki gets good news which impresses his mother Sade so why is she being so strict with him? Meanwhile Sophie and Ekene go to get tested for HIV.
Foye is upset and angry that Ekene and Sophie's betrayal means that she has to get tested for HIV, and seeks solace in Femi, little knowing that he too has a secret.
Tobi and Princess are joyful in their their new found love, while Malaika and Nii's marriage lurches deeper into crisis, Weki and Sade's relationship deteriorates.
Raising Hopes
Malaika is shocked to find that she is still pregnant. And while Weki (Olumide Oworu) begins to realize his dreams, Tobi and Princess's new-found love is severely challenged.
Three Month Window
Weki (Olumide Oworu) goes for his trial at the Football Academy, while Sophie (Dorcas Shola Fapson) and Ekene (Okezie Morro) go for their 3 month test.
Princess, finally realizes who Solomon (Sani Mu'azu) really is - with disastrous consequences for all. The struggle between Malaika (Leonora Okine) and Nii (Chris Attoh) finally comes to a head.