Growing Up Hip Hop (s7)

Bring Da Ruckus
Angela and Romeo’s rivalry explodes across headlines.
Gangsta's Paradise
Egypt’s ambushed by her family in Jamaica and the battle lines are drawn!
The Royal Rumble
Lil Twist’s birthday party explodes into chaos when Briana and Egypt come to blows.
The Master Demand
Fists fly between Egypt and Briana and the battle lines are drawn!
The Setup
Romeo’s sit-down sparks an uproar throughout the entire cast.
Sit Down, Throne Down
Romeo’s sit-down bursts into flames when he enters with Master P and his entourage.
A Treacherous Heart
Romeo quits the show and the cast responds.
Pop Up, Pop Off
All hell breaks loose when a brawl explodes between Twist and JoJo.
Fire & Desire
JoJo and Twist’s fight rages on and bursts into flames.