The Penguins of Madagascar (s1)

The Penguins of Madagascar (s1)

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The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 01
When the Penguins lose access to their favorite snack, popcorn, Skipper and crew leap into action to gain a new supply of the salty treat. // When a camera falls from the sky into the lemur habitat, Julien and Maurice argue about who will keep the toy.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 02
When the zoo installs web cams to bring in new visitors, Private accidentally becomes an Internet star. // Skipper accidentally causes King Julien to lose his beloved crown. Now the penguins go on a dangerous mission to retrieve the crown from the sewer.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 03
Sick of Julien’s annoying presence, the penguins decide to take a vacation on The Moon. // After Marlene is frightened by a spooky noise in the night, she and Skipper travel down to the sewer below the zoo to find the source of the scary moans.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 04
When stuffed Mort dolls become popular at the zoo, Julien gets jealous and get them recalled. // Maurice bribes the zoo animals to celebrate “King Julien Day” by offering them candy.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 05
Marlene discovers a lost egg, and asks the penguins to care for it and keep it safe. Jealous Julien wants to raise the egg to be his second in command. // When Skipper steals the batteries to Julien’s stereo, he sets off a wild chase around the zoo.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 06
The penguins compete against the lemurs in a game of capture the flag. // Mort is kicked out of the lemur habitat after he touches King Julien’s feet one two many times. So, the penguins take him in and attempt to break him of his foot obsession.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 07
Marlene goes over to meet the newest zoo animal, and she mysteriously disappears. The penguins and lemurs try to rescue her, but they are taken, too. // When Julien is taken to the infirmary for acting even weirder than usual, Maurice is left in charge.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 08
The penguins and lemurs face off in a race. The penguins in a souped-up version of their car and the lemurs in Alice’s zoo cart. Winner takes the loser's car! // Alice gives Rico a tummy-settling medicine just after he swallows a ticking time bomb.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 09
When the zoo starts feeding them imitation fish cakes, the penguins take matters into their own flippers and hatch a plan to hijack a fish delivery truck. // During a particularly cold day, the rats show up and challenge the penguins to a hockey match.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 10
When the vet rounds up the penguins to give them a shot, Skipper’s fear of needles takes over and he goes on the run. // During a solar eclipse, Phil and Mason convince the bossy Julien that the sky spirits are angry at him. He starts acting extra-nice.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 11
Mort is exposed to Kowalski’s super-ray, and he grows super-big and strong. // Marlene gets a new roommate! At first, she’s excited to have a new best friend. But her attitude changes when her roommate turns out to have some pretty disgusting habits.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 12
The rats have been terrorizing Roger the alligator. He asks the penguins for help. Their solution: switch Roger’s brain with Rico’s, and let the but kicking begin! // A robot is sent to the zoo to learn the habits of lemurs before it’s sent into space.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 13
When the penguins bring Marlene with them on a sno-cone mission in the park, she can’t handle the freedom of being outside the zoo walls. // Max the cat is on the run from evil animal control Officer X, and he comes to the penguins for help.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 14
When Rico gets a freaky fortune from his cookie, he initially ignores it. Julien sets out to make Rico’s fortune come true. // A female chimp named Lulu arrives at the zoo for a short stay, and Phil is smitten. Unfortunately, Lulu falls for Mason.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 15
On watch-duty, Private sees a terrifying Skorka: a sky orca whale. No one believes that it exists, so Private sets out to battle the Sorka on his own. // When the penguins are interrupted mid-operation by a nosey scientist, they leave the zoo in danger.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 16
A little girl loses her doll at the zoo, and Rico gives up his own doll to replace it. Private assures Rico that his good deed will come back to him. // When a raccoon shows up and starts stealing from the zoo animals, the penguins jump into action.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 17
The penguins’ dolphin nemesis, Dr. Blowhole, is out for revenge. After Blowhole takes King Julien hostage, Skipper and gang must rush to rescue their annoying neighbor and stop evil Dr. Blowhole before he destroys the planet.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 18
Julien is horrified when the baboons' dance routine is getting more attention than his own. His attempts to sabotage the baboons blow up in his face. // There’s a blackout and Julien convinces everyone they should revert to “jungle law” with him as king.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 19
After an injury, Skipper goes to the vet for treatment. The rest of the team thinks he has turned into a zombie. // A hive of hornets has appeared at the entrance, and they refuse to leave. The penguins must figure out a way to dispose of the hornets.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 20
When Skipper is knocked on the head, he’s unable to lead the penguins on an important mission. // Private accidentally drinks Kowalski’s truth serum and starts spilling the penguin’s secrets to the rest of the zoo.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 21
The lemurs have a fight, and Maurice and Mort move out of the habitat. Lonely Julien starts bugging the penguins, who decide they must get the lemurs back together. // A tiny frog with a nasty attitude moves to the zoo and starts terrorizing the animals.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 22
When Burt the elephant asks the penguins to help him sneak out of the zoo, they take on the challenge and get the big guy out. // Marlene catches a glimpse of Fred the squirrel and falls in love at first sight.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 23
When Alice mentions that one of the penguins is actually female, Skipper has an identity crisis. // After a big fight Mason moves out—and in with the penguins. Unfortunately, Mason is a very annoying house guest.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 24
Kowalski accidentally creates a living blob of jelly. But “Jiggles” has a big appetite and starts stealing fruit from the animals. // When a new TV show starts keeping people from coming to the zoo, the animals worry they’ll lose their home.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 25
When a big fish starts terrorizing the inhabitants of the duck pond, Skipper leads his team on a mission to eliminate the aquatic menace. // When a beautiful female falcon crash-lands in the zoo, Skipper insists that she stays to recuperate.
The Penguins of Madagascar (s1): ep 26
Every year, Private is chosen as the cover animal for the zoo brochure. But this year the photographer discovers the adorable Mort. // A puffin rival from Skipper’s past shows up. Skipper doesn’t trust his claims that he’s here to bury the hatchet.