Fuse Excellent Adventure (s1)

Bolkow Castle Party
Three days of Goth, new wave and dark electro held at the 16th century Bolkow Castle in Poland.
Gnawa Music Festival
A celebration of the music of the Gnawas held in Essaouira, Morocco.
Jamaican reggae artists come together each year for a week long celebration in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Waken Open Air Festival
Every year the small German town of Waken's population surges from 2,000 to 72,000 as it hosts the largest Metal festival in the world.
Ibiza, Spain
The small island of Ibiza offers all-night parties.
Rockness Festival
Music festival in Dores, Scotland.
Ganesh Music Festival
Music festival in India.
Asian Song Festival
Nate battles throngs of screaming fans in Korea.