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Celebs Born On The 26th Of October
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 26th of October!
Hilary Duff Is Expecting Her Third Child
Congratulations are in order for Hilary Duff as she’s expecting her third child, the second with her husband, Matthew Koma.
Top 3 Musicians Who Are Also Avid Photographers
Creative people are often talented in more than one medium, and sometimes turn their hobby into a side gig. Here are our Top 3 Musicians Who Are Also Avid Photographers.
Celebrity Of The Week - Charlie Hunnam
You might know this guy from movies like The Gentlemen, The Lost City of Z or King Arthur Legend of the Sword, although Charlie Hunnam first became a household name due to his role on Sons of Anarchy.
Anna Wintour Owns Her Mistakes Regarding Diversity
Anna Wintour has admitted that she’s made mistakes regarding diversity during her legendary tenure at Vogue magazine, but notes that she’s working to fix the problems.
Hollywoods Fresh Faces
June Diane Raphael can basically do it all. She grew up wanting to be an actress, and studied drama at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts in New York City.
Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’
Taylor Swift has proven her enduring popularity once more, as her eighth studio album ‘Folklore’ is now the first record of 2020 to sell more than a million copies in the United States.
Place To Be: Milan
Italy is known for many things, ranging from food to fashion to football. In the northern part of this stunning nation we find the city of Milan, this episode’s place to be.
Celebs Born On The 27th Of October
Patrick Fugit was just 16 years old when he landed his breakout role in the coming of age classic ‘Almost Famous’. From there he’s gone on to star opposite big names like Matt Damon.
Birthdays Diablo Cody, Lucy Hale, Donald Trump And More
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 14th of June!
Box Office Countdown
It's time again for our weekly countdown of the newest movies that came out in theatres and on VOD and from comedies to thrillers, there’s something in the list for everybody, so let's check it out!
Henry Golding
A lot of celebs spend years trying to make it big before breaking through, but sometimes a star is born overnight. This was definitely the case for Henry Golding.
Anne Hathaway Reveals Second Son’s Name Nearly A Year After His Birth
In a recent interview, the 37-year-old actress revealed that baby number two’s name is Jack, and that she was already pregnant with him when she was filming the new movie.
Emily Ratajkowski Is Pregnant With Her First Child
The supermodel slash soon-to-be author revealed the news in a special video for Vogue, and also penned an essay for the site stating that the couple will let their child decide its gender.
Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Have Celebrated Their First Anniversary
Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend Devin Booker have logged one full year in their relationship, and the good-looking couple celebrated the milestone by sharing some loved-up photos of themselves.
Celebrity Shortlist Top 3 Celebs Who Secretly Had A Baby
When a big name star gets pregnant, it’s always big news. But not everyone likes to share such things with the whole world. Here are our Top 3 Celebs Who Secretly Had A Baby.
Love Life Lowdown
After an early fling with British actor Jack Fox, Lily hooked up with Matt Smith, who she met while filming the movie adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' in 2014.
Pharrell Is Quietly A Massive Philanthropist
Pharrell Williams is widely known and loved for his successful music career, producing hits like the 2013 smash ‘Happy’ and the superstar artist is also a huge philanthropist
Oscar Isaac To Play The Superhero Moon Knight
‘Moon Knight’ tells the story of Marc Spector, an elite soldier and mercenary with multiple personalities, who begins fighting crime after he becomes the human avatar of Khonshu.
Top American Music Awards Nominations
The nominations for the 2020 American Music Awards have been announced, with Roddy Ricch and the Weeknd leading the pack at 8 nods each, followed closely by Meghan Thee Stallion with 5.
There are thousands of tried and true ways to market a solid Hollywood movie blockbuster. And most of the time, the marketing department of a film is on the lookout for ways to take that extra step.
Odell Beckham Jr Out For The Season After Injuring His Knee
The Cleveland Browns wide receiver was going deep in the team’s match up against the Cincinnati Bengals, when a pass to him got intercepted.
Celebs Born On The 28th Of October
Longtime star Joaquin Phoenix grew up in a large family, and many of his siblings are also actors, including the late River Phoenix.
In The Style Of Cate Blanchett
Style watchers begin to ‘Babel’ when this Oscar winning Australian actress hits the red carpet, because she’s always “Hela” stylish.
Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Are Engaged
Sharing the happy news on Instagram, an excited Stefani posted a picture of the pair sharing a smooch with some shimmering bling fully on display on that finger.
Celebrity Shortlist Top 3 Women
The right beauty look can make or break an outfit, of course, but not all makeup goes on your face. Here are our Top 3 Women Going All Out With Their Nails On The Red Carpet.
Celebrity Closeup John Cena
At 21 years old, John Cena moved to California in 1998, armed with a degree in exercise physiology and movement studies, hoping to pursue a career in bodybuilding.
Chris Hemsworth Tries To Help Fans Meditate In A Series Of Hilarious Videos
The Marvel heartthrob celebrated the achievement by posting a few of the hilarious and goofy videos on Instagram as well, including one with a heart-melting cameo by one of his twin sons.
Movie Hit List
In the lead roles we have Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman, who’ve all worked together before, namely in ‘The Family’, ‘Last Vegas’ and ‘Just Getting Started’.
Jennifer Lopez And Armie Hammer Sign On For A ‘Shotgun Wedding’
The film will feature Lopez and Hammer as Darcy and Tom, a couple who gather their families together for a destination wedding.
Celine Dion's New Movie
Celine Dion has agreed to appear in a new feature film that will feature the legendary performer’s music as an important plot point.
Prince Harry Says He Had No Idea Unconscious Racial Bias Existed When Growing Up
Prince Harry has admitted that due to his privileged upbringing, he had no idea that unconscious racial bias existed.
Celebs Born On The 29th Of October
Gabrielle Union started modelling and acting to pay off her student loans and actually dreamed of becoming a lawyer.
Brad Pitt Is Single Again
According to sources, the duo’s relationship was never all that serious, and Pitt had no plans of getting married again or having a girlfriend who’s around him all the time.
Celebrity Shortlist: Top 3 Actresses Who Were Able To Quit Smoking
Milla Jovovich. Swept up into showbiz from a young age, she began smoking as a teen, before revealing in 2012 that she’d finally managed to give it up for good by transitioning to e-cigarettes.
Exclusive Interview Kristin Scott Thomas
In the new movie ‘Rebecca’, Kristin Scott Thomas plays Mrs. Danvers, a housekeeper who terrorises her employer’s new wife.
Jennifer Lopez Launches New Haircare Products
Jennifer Lopez is adding yet another category to her ever growing collection of beauty essentials, and has launched new haircare products.
Style Stories: Zsofia Bata Jakab
Milan Fashion Week is a truly international event, with labels coming from all over the world to present their wares.
Trivia The Bourne Ultimatum
‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ is the third part of the Jason Bourne franchise. Once again Matt Damon crawled into the skin of this super badass amnesiac to fight villains and do international spy stuff.
Through The Years: Saoirse Ronan
As she’s grown up in front of our eyes on screen, Irish beauty Saoirse Ronan has really transformed herself into something of a red carpet vamp over the last few years.
Star File: Toni Collette
Australian actress Toni Collette knew she wanted to be a performer from a young age, and dropped out of college to pursue a life of pretending to be someone she’s not.
Movie Premiere ‘Jungleland’
In this movie which had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Charlie & Jack play two brothers who travel across the country for a high-stakes fighting tournament.
It Girl H.E.R.
Born and raised in the San Fransisco Bay Area, Gabriella Wilson, these days better known as H.E.R, has been interested in writing and performing music from a very early age.
Celebs Born On The 30th Of October
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 30th of October.
Scarlett Johansson And Colin Jost Are Married
Scarlett Johansson and Collin Jost have said their vows in an intimate ceremony in front of family and loved ones.
Armie Hammer Is Suddenly One Of The Busiest Men In Hollywood
Armie Hammer has just signed on to yet another high profile movie project, as the star has recently become one of the busiest men in Hollywood.
Nick Jonas Thinks He Can Help Athletes Win Championships
Nick Jonas has crafted the ‘Jonas Blessing’ conspiracy theory, terming it the key to success in athletics.
Celebs Born On The 2nd Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 2nd of November!
Top 3 Musicians Who Gave Their Kid A Crazy Name
Stars are mostly just like the rest of us, but one place where A-listers tend to differ is in what they call their children. Here are our Top 3 Male Musicians Who Gave Their Kid A Crazy Name.
Celebrity Of The Week: Eva Longoria
Actress, Producer, Director, Activist, Philanthropist, Designer, Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Stepmom, HUMAN! That’s how Eva Longoria describes herself at the top of her Instagram page.
Hollywood's Fresh Faces - Jessie Buckley
Keep an eye on the multi-talented Jessie Buckley.
Place To Be: Tuscany
Italy is one of the most beautiful countries on our planet, with centuries of rich history and culture. We could quite literally make several episodes of A-List Lifestyle about this nation.
Megan Fox Calls Out Brian Austin Green For Using Their Kids On Social Media
Megan Fox calls out her ex husband Brian Austin Green for using their children to paint her as an absentee mother.
Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid’s Daughter Makes Her Instagram Debut For Halloween
Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s daughter has finally made her first Instagram debut since she was born in an adorably spooky Halloween costume.
Lewis Hamilton Hints He Might Retire After This Season
Lewis Hamilton has hinted that he might retire after the 2020 Formula 1 season is done.
Celebs Born On The 3rd Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 3rd of November!
Top 3 Stars Who Believe In Aliens
The universe is a very big place, and who knows what might be out there? Well, some celebs think they do.
Love Life Lowdown - Jonah Hill
Welcome to Love Life Lowdown, where we flip through the dating diary of Hollywood funny man Jonah Hill.
Beyonce Uses Fashion To Help Her Kids Deal With This Crazy Year
Beyonce has been using fashion to help her kids deal with this crazy year.
Johnny Depp Loses Court Case Against British Tabloid
Johnny Depp has lost his lengthy liberal court case against a British tabloid that labeled him a ‘wife beater’ over his turbulent marriage to ex-wife Amber Heard.
Bruce Springsteen Becomes First Artist With A Top 5 Album In Each Of The Last Six Decades
Bruce Springsteen has set an incredible record, becoming the first artist to reach the Top 5 of the album charts in six consecutive decades.
Tom Hardy To Lead The Star-Studded Cast Of A New Vietnam War Drama
Tom Hardy, Pete Davidson and Stephan James join Vietnam war drama ‘The Things They Carried.’
Celebs Born On The 4th Of November - Matthew Mcconaughey, Sean Combs And More
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 4th of November!
In The Style Of: Jennifer Garner
This Texas-born American beauty may not be a 'Daredevil' when it comes to her outfits, but she always looks like a "miracle from heaven" when she steps onto the red carpet. Jennifer Garner.
Top 3 Leather Looks On The Red Carpet
When it comes to haute couture, silk, satin and lace are popular materials, but what if you want to give your outfit a bit of an edge?
Celebrity Closeup: Juliette Binoche
French beauty Juliette Binoche is descended from a family of artists, born in Paris to a director, actor, sculptor father, and a teacher, director, actress mother
Movie Hit List 1
Movie Hit List: The Witches, Love and Monsters, The Father, and The Nest
The Stars Of Netflix’s ‘Rebecca’ Still Have Hope For Movie Theaters
As the coronavirus pandemic drags on and many cinemas remain closed, film lovers are turning more and more to streaming services such as Netflix.
Common Shuts Down Split Rumours Adding That He And Tiffany Haddish Are Doing Wonderful
Common has stated that he is more than happy in his relationship with Comedienne Tiffany Haddish after rumours of a split broke out last week.
Tom Brady Retakes The Lead In His Race For The Touchdown Record
Tom Brady has retaken the lead in his race against fellow quarterback Drew Brees to claim the title for most passing touchdowns in NFL history.
Top 3 Actors Who Love To Surf
When you’re a big star, sometimes you need to get out in nature and clear your head, and there’s one sport that’s perfect for that. Here are our Top 3 Actors Who Love To Surf.
Garett Hedlund Secretly Went To Rehab After Being Arrested For A DUI In January
Garett Hedlund is in a solid and great place months after being arrested and charged with two counts of Driving under the Influence back in January.
Beyonce Gifts Her Friends With Goodies From Her New Fashion Collection
Beyonce gifts her friend with goodies from her new collection Ivy Park x Adidas Drip 2 collection.
Lana Del Rey Delays One New Album But Announces Another
Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated album Chemtrails Over the Country Club isn’t coming until 2021
Julian Jordan Explains Why His Youtube Series Is Better Than Other Social Media
Dutch DJ and producer Julian Jordan, the popular artist has started an online docu-series about his life called ‘It’s Julian Jordan’.
Celebs Born On The 6th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 6th of November!
Top 3 Big Roles Turned Down By Leonardo Dicaprio
This acclaimed actor has starred in classic hits like ‘The Departed’, ‘The Revenant’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can’, but he could have done much more. Here are our Top 3 Big Roles Turned Down.
It Girl Beanie Feldstein
Destined for a life in the spotlights, Elizabeth Feldstein, better known by her nickname Beanie, grew up in a real showbiz family.
Star File Sharon Stone
Hollywood icon Sharon Stone started her career as a model, and after she made the shift to acting, her most important early role came opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Total Recall'.
Movie Premiere Gott, Du Kannst Ein Arsch Sein!
The German film ‘Gott, du kannst ein Arsch sein!’ tells the story of a young girl whose life gets turned upside down when she finds out she’s terminally ill.
DJ Duo Lucas And Steve Have The Coronavirus To Thank
Dutch DJs Lucas de Wert and Steve Jansen are better known as a duo have been making music for more than a decade, but of course in 2020 all the parties stopped due to the coronavirus crisis.
Newly Married Emma Stone Hints That Shes Ready To Start A Family
Emma Stone has hinted that shes interested in starting a family with her husband, Dave McCary, after getting married earlier this year.
Brie Larson Recalls Feeling Ugly Due To Beauty Standards
She may play a superhero on screen, but behind the scenes, Brie Larson has struggled with insecurities just like the rest of us, and the Oscar winner revealed that she felt ugly and like an outcast.
Priyanka Chopra Reveals She Had A Wardrobe Malfunction
Priyanka Chopra has revealed that she almost had a wardrobe malfunctionwhen she was being crowned the winner of the Miss World beauty pageant back in the year 2000.
Free Guy And Death On The Nile Kicked Off Of The 2020 Release Calendar
‘Free Guy’ and ‘Death on the Nile’ have been kicked off of the 2020 release calendar as coronavirus cases continue to rise.
Celebs Born On The 9th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 9th of November!
Top 3 Singers Who Went To Prom With A Fan
Many big stars are more accessible than you’d think, and it doesn’t hurt to ask them for a favour sometimes. Here are our Top 3 Singers Who Went To Prom With A Fan.
Celebrity Of The Week Sasha Lane
A lot of people aspire to become an A-list actor or actress. But let’s face it, pretty much everyone fails at becoming one.
Hollywood’s Fresh Faces Lotte Verbeek
Since she was a teenager growing up in the Netherlands, Dutch redhead Lotte Verbeek has trained as an actress, a dancer, and a singer, and even worked as a model when her career was first taking off.
Place To Be Tybee Island
The world is full of wonderful places not too many people even know exist. And that includes the United States. Ever heard of Tybee Island for instance?
Charlie Hunnam & COVID-19
Charlie Hunnam lost his sense of taste and smell for ten days after contracting COVID-19
Jade Thirlwall Of Little Mix
The 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards have been handed out, hosted by the girl group Little Mix, and during the ceremony, the ladies rocked multiple amazing outfits.
Jurassic World Dominion
That’s a wrap — the third instalment of the ‘Jurassic World’ trilogy, called ‘Dominion’, has finally finished filming thanks to 40,000 coronavirus tests along the way.
MTV Europe Music Awards
The prizes of the 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards have been handed out, in a virtual ceremony due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Royal Family Gathers To Celebrate Remembrance Day Without Harry And Meghan
Despite the coronavirus crisis, and without Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who were unable to attend due to pandemic travel restrictions.
Celebs Born On The 10th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 10th of November!
Top 3 Entertainers Who Ran For Office
In politics, much like in showbiz, appearances matter, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when the two fields overlap.
Box Office Top 5 Christmas
Let’s look at 5 new ones which can definitely help make your Christmas unforgettable
Love Life Lowdown Taraji P Henson
Welcome to Love Life Lowdown, where we walk you through the ‘Empire’ of hunks who’ve romanced the stunning actress Taraji P. Henson.
Development Hell
Various films enter what’s known as “development hell” all the time, for a variety of reasons. So let’s examine a couple of them and find out what went wrong.
Cardi B’s First Sneaker Collection
Cardi B’s first sneaker collaboration with Reebok is finally here and will drop on Friday, November 13.
Gerald Butler ‘Fallen’ Franchise
Gerald Butler will reprise his role as Secret Service agent Mike Banning once again in a fourth instalment of the ‘Fallen’ action franchise.
Johnny Depp ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’
Johnny Depp will be receiving his full 7 figure salary for the third film in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise, despite having been dumped from the project after filming only one scene.
Nicole Kidman Sings The Opening Theme Song
Nicole Kidman had a chance to showcase her singing skills yet again by covering ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me,’ which is the opening credits for her miniseries ‘The Undoing’ on HBO.
Gerald Butler ‘Fallen’ Franchise Again
Megan Rapinoe isn’t playing much soccer right now, but she is still speaking out about equality.
Celebs Born On The 11th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 11th of November!
Top 3 Ravishing Redheads On The Red Carpet
They say that blondes have more fun, but there are plenty of gorgeous stars who don’t believe that for a second. Here are our Top 3 Ravishing Redheads On The Red Carpet.
In The Style Of Charlie Hunnam
When this handsome Brit hits the red carpet, it usually sparks “anarchy” among his fans, and his stylish outfits always look suitable for a “gentleman”, if not a “king”.
Celebrity Closeup Jason Reitman
Jason Reitman is a Canadian-American director, screenwriter, and producer, and the son of legendary filmmaker Ivan Reitman.
Movie Hit List The Book Of Vision, The Devil Has A Name, The Assistant, And The Craft Legacy
Movie Hit List: The Book of Vision, The Devil Has a Name, The Assistant, and The Craft: Legacy
Britney Spears Says She Won’t Perform Any More
Britney Spears says she won’t perform any more as long as her dad is in charge of her affairs.
Selena Gomez Goes Haute Couture
Selena Gomez got all glammed up in several haute couture designs, as she’s the cover girl for the debut issue of the new China edition of the bi-annual magazine CR Fashion Book.
Christina Aguilera Joins Jay-Z’s Record Label
Christina Aguilera has joined the Jay Z led Roc Nation record label after a fallout with her manager of 20 years Irving Azoff.
Odell Beckham Jr. Undergoes Successful ACL Surgery
Odell Beckham Jr. is on his road to recovery after undergoing successful surgery for his torn ACL on Tuesday.
Celebs Born On The 12th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 12th of November!
Top 3 Celebs Who Announced Big News Through A Charity
In 2020, events such as the coronavirus crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement had many stars thinking about helping others.
Style Stories Maria Giovanna Paone
Italian luxury brand Kiton has become one of the most exclusive labels in the clothing industry. Backstage at Milan Fashion Week, we caught up with the company’s creative director.
Trivia Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald
After the ‘Harry Potter’ movie franchise ended, many fans were in a panic, wondering how they would to get their next magical fix from their favorite writer J.K. Rowling?
Through The Years Adele Exarchopoulos
French beauty Adèle Exarchopoulos rose to worldwide fame back in 2013, when she starred in the acclaimed movie ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’.
Hugh Grant Lost His Sense Of Smell
Hugh Grant has revealed that he was ill back in February of 2020, and one of his symptoms was losing his sense of smell, which he recently realised means he in fact had contracted the COVID-19 virus.
Pharrell Williams To Launch Skincare Line
Pharrell Williams to drop Humanrace skincare line on November 25.
Michael Bay Teaming Up With Jake Gyllenhaal For New Action Thriller
Jake Gyllenhaal in talks to star in Michael Bay’s action thriller, ‘Ambulance’.
Maren Morris Wins Big At The 2020 Country Music Awards
The 2020 Country Music Awards honored top acts in the country music genre with the help of co-hosts Reba McEntire and Darius Rucker at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 11.
The UK Will Get A Day Off In 2022 To Celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
The British government has announced that the UK will get an extra day off in 2022, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.
Celebs Born On The 13th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 13th of November!
Top 3 Vegetarian Actors Who Pretended To Eat Meat On Screen
A plant based diet is one of the hottest trends in Hollywood these days, and some stars take the lifestyle into their work, too.
It Girl Liza Koshy
Born in Houston, Texas to an Indian father and a German mother, Elizabeth Shaila Koshy, these days better known as Liza Koshy, is the youngest of three girls.
Star File Dev Patel
Dev Patel was born in London, to parents of Indian descent. An energetic youngster, he got into acting while at school, then was cast on the TV series ‘Skins’ at 16, despite having no formal training.
Movie Premiere Extreme Red Carpets
Red carpet events are quite a thing on its own and when the stars arrive it even gets bigger and better. We give you a look at the most kick ass and extreme movie premieres.
Demi Lovato Has Taken Up Photography During Quarantine
Demi Lovato says she’s been struggling to keep her spirits up during the coronavirus lockdown, and the singer recently revealed that it helps that she’s taken up photography as a hobby.
Kendall Jenner Reveals How She Overcame Persistant Acne
Kendall Jenner revealed that she had to change her diet in order to get rid of her acne.
MTV Cancels Their Movie And TV Awards
Vanessa Hudgens to host the upcoming special, 'Greatest of All Time' for MTV Movie & TV Awards.
The Weeknd Will Headline The 2021 Super Bowl Halftime Show
The Weeknd has been confirmed to perform at the halftime show in next year’s Super Bowl event.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Set To Star In His First Ever TV Series
Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest movie stars of all time, but now the former Governator has signed on to make the jump to the small screen, and star in his first ever TV series.
Celebs born on the 16th of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 16th of November!
Top 3 Musicians Who Run Their Own Record Label
Many artists have been taken advantage of by the businesses that own their tunes, so some singers take matters into their own hands.
Celebrity of the Week - Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is one of the most sought after stars of the moment. He broke through years ago, when he was cast as the Marvel superhero Thor, and he’s been living the good life ever since.
Tracee Ellis Ross recalls some of her favorite looks as she’s crowned a Fashion Icon
Tracee Ellis Ross was crowned the Fashion Icon of 2020 at the People’s Choice Awards, and the actress took the opportunity to look back at some of her favorite looks she’s worn over the years.
Hollywood’s Fresh Faces: Dan Levy
Born in Toronto, actor, writer and director Dan Levy is the son of Canadian comedian Eugene Levy, and although he didn’t grow up in the heart of Hollywood, Dan started performing from a young age.
Sylvester Stallone has joined the cast of ‘The Suicide Squad’
Sylvester Stallone has joined the cast of James Gunn’s upcoming superhero movie, ‘The Suicide Squad.’
Place To Be - San Diego Comic-Con
If you ever want to bump into a super celebrity, or one of the most celebrated Hollywood actors, then the San Diego Comic-Con is where you should go.
Kate Middleton thanks the thousands of people who submitted to her photo exhibition
Kate Middleton has shared a warm and charming video in which she thanks the thousands of people who submitted their images for her photo exhibition about life during the coronavirus pandemic.
Lewis Hamilton makes history with seventh Formula 1 Championship
Lewis Hamilton has made Formula 1 history by winning the sport’s championship for the seventh time, tying racing legend Michael Schumacher.
Love Life Lowdown Scarlett Johansson
Welcome to 'Love Life Lowdown', where we take a look at the men who've gotten 'Under the Skin' of sultry bombshell Scarlett Johansson.
Special Twin Movies
Sometimes two studios release motion pictures that are very similar and are even shown in theaters around the same time. This phenomenon is know as twin movies.
Jennifer Lopez Reveals The Launch Date For Her New Skincare Line
Jennifer Lopez new skincare line to drop on New Year.
Priyanka Chopra Named An Ambassador For The British Fashion Council
Priyanka Chopra has been named an Ambassador for Positive Change by the British Fashion Council.
Alicia Vikander Is Heading To Tv
Alicia Vikander is ready to make her debut as a series regular on American TV.
Taylor Swift Reignites Her Feud With Scooter Braun Over Sale Of Her Master
Taylor Swift to re-record her old songs in a bid to prevent Scooter Braun from profiting from her music.
Top 3 Stylists Who Became Designers
When you’re around fashion all day, you start to understand it inside and out, so why not make your own? Here are our Top 3 Stylists Who Became Designers
Celebrity Closeup Omar Sy
French actor and comedian Omar Sy was born to African immigrants and raised in a low-income housing project. He started his performing career on the radio right after high school.
George Clooney Reveals That Marrying Amal Changed His Life
George Clooney has revealed that getting married to Amal completely changed his life.
Karlie Kloss Confirms She’s Pregnant With Her First Child
Karlie Kloss has confirms that she and husband Joshua Kushner are expecting their first child together.
Michael B. Jordan Named Sexiest Man Alive
Michael B. Jordan has been crowned the Sexiest Man Alive for 2020 by People magazine.
Gemma Chan Lands New Beauty Gig
Gemma Chan is the newest face of L’Oreal Paris.
Quentin Tarantino To Turn ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Into A Book
Quentin Tarantino is making the jump from the big screen to the book store, as the acclaimed director is writing a novelisation of his hit film ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’.
Celebs Born On The 19th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 19th of November!
Top 3 Actors Who Drive An Electric Car
Los Angeles traffic is legendarily bad, so what’s an environmentally concerned superstar to do when they need to get around? Here are our Top 3 Actors Who Drive An Electric Car.
Celebrity Lifestyle Flapper By Genevieve Xhaet
Though she only started her relatively young headwear label Flapper back in 2013, Italian-Belgian designer Genevieve Xhaet has already been around the fashion industry for quite some time.
Trivia: Last Christmas
Lots of Christmas movies get released every November and December. Well, in the pre-corona era at least… For now, we’re gonna dig into one of the most romantic ones around: ‘Last Christmas’.
Through The Years Gwen Stefani
From simple jeans and a tank top… to blue hair and a matching fuzzy bikini… when it comes to fashion, Gwen Stefani has always marched to the beat of her own drum
Mindy Kaling Dishes
Mindy Kaling has plenty of Hollywood icons as friends, but the actress and writer, who became a mother for the second time this year, has revealed which of her costars give the best baby gifts.
Jennifer Aniston Lands New Wellness Gig
Jennifer Aniston has landed a new wellness gig, and is the new brand ambassador for Vital Proteins Collagen.
‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Will Hit Cinemas And Streaming Simultaneously
Warner Bros. has officially announced their plans for releasing ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, the last blockbuster movie still on the schedule for 2020.
Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson And Ariana Grande Are Giving Fans A Christmas Collaboration
Music fans are getting a special gift this holiday season, as Mariah Carey is set to re-release her Christmas hit ‘Oh Santa’ with the help of two fellow divas; Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande.
Meghan Markle Reportedly Admits She Shared Personal Information With Authors Of Tell-All Book
Meghan Markle has reportedly admitted that she shared personal details regarding her and Prince Harry’s stepping down from the British Royal family.
Celebs Born On The 20th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 20th of November!
Top 3 Actresses Who Were Discovered Totally By Chance
As the saying goes, some people seek out fame, and others have fame thrust upon them. Here are our Top 3 Actresses Who Were Discovered Totally By Chance.
It Girl Bebe Rexha
Born in Brooklyn New York City to Albanian parents, rising star Bebe Rexha actually came into this world as Bleta, which is Albanian for Bee. When she was younger people started calling her Bebe.
Star File Liam Neeson
Acclaimed Irish actor Liam Neeson made his film debut back in 1977, and over the decades since has built up an incredible career, in movies of every style and genre.
Movie Premiere Crock Of Gold
This infamous christmas song will probably ring a bell but the name Shane McGowan, lead singer of rock band ‘The Pogues’ probably won’t.
Nominations Announced For The First Ever Critics Choice Super Awards
The Critics Choice Association has announced a spin-off of their annual awards show, called the Critics Choice Super Awards, and have just announced the nominations for the inaugural ceremony.
Sophie Turner Debuts New Ink In Tribute To Daughter Willa
Sophie Turner has a new ink and it’s an adorable tribute to her baby daughter Willa.
Kerry Washington Is Now Making Jewelry
Kerry Washington has not only become the new face of Aurate Jewelry, but she’s a major investor in the company and a co-designer for the brand as well.
Lady Gaga Lines Up New Acting Role Opposite Brad Pitt
Lady Gaga is in talks to join Brad Pitt in the star-studded action thriller, 'Bullet Train’.
Keegan-Michael Key Thinks A COVID Christmas Might Be A Good Thing
The new family friendly holiday movie ‘Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey’ has just hit streaming services, which is good news during this difficult year.
Celebs Born On The 23rd Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 23rd of November!
Top 3 Female Musicians Who Gave Their Kid A Crazy Name
Stars are mostly just like the rest of us, but one place where they differ is in what they call their children. Here are our Top 3 Female Musicians Who Gave Their Kid A Crazy Name.
Celebrity Of The Week Winnie Harlow
One unique and extremely successful model of the moment, who almost singlehandedly seems to be changing society’s beauty standards, then it would have to be the Canadian beauty Winnie Harlow.
Hollywood’s Fresh Face Ella Balinska
Rising star Ella Balinska was born in London, the daughter of former model turned popular TV chef Lorraine Pascal.
Place To Be The Azores, Portugal
Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries Europe has to offer. With lush nature, waves that will make any surfer drool, it’s no surprise international celebrities have getaway homes here.
Anya Taylor Joy Thinks She’s Too Ugly To Be A Star
Anya Taylor-Joy says she thinks she’s too ugly to be a star.
Winners At The 2020 American Music Awards
The 2020 American Music Awards went down on Sunday night at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles hosted by the gorgeous and feisty Taraji P. Henson.
Pregnant Princess Eugenie Moves Into Frogmore Cottage
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lets Princess Eugenie stay at their Frogmore cottage as she starts her family with husband Jack Brooksbank.
Tristan Thompson Joins The Boston Celtics
Tristan Thompson has signed a two-year deal with the Boston Celtics.
Joel Kinnaman In ‘The Secrets We Keep’
Intense drama The Secrets We Keep is about a woman who suspects her new neighbour of being the man who committed war crimes against her back in her homeland, so she tortures him to get a confession.
Celebs Born On The 24th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 24th of November!
Top 3 Actors Who Filed For Bankruptcy
It’s true that big name stars get paid millions of dollars for their performances, but it’s also quite difficult to properly manage all that money.
Love Life Lowdown Olivia Wilde
Welcome to Love Life Lowdown, where we take a look at the lucky guys who've gotten to snuggle up with actress and director Olivia Wilde. 
Actors Who Were Replaced During The Shoot
Even big name stars occasionally get fired during the actual shooting of a movie. Let's check out some very late replacements.
Awesome Upcoming Superhero Movies
Some superhero movies are so awesome, it takes more than a pandemic to keep them away from us. Let’s check out no less than 5 upcoming superhero films that are still coming to save the day.
Bella Hadid Debuts Two New Shoulder Tattoos In Arabic
Bella Hadid has gotten new tattoos on each shoulder written in Arabic.
Miley Cyrus Is Two Weeks Sober
Miley Cyrus has been sober for two weeks now after a fall off amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Nicki Minaj To Give Fans A Peek Inside Her Life
Nicki Minaj to star and executive produce her upcoming docuseries on HBO Max.
Lewis Hamilton To Be Knighted
It looks like you’ll need to call him Sir Lewis Hamilton soon, as the fastest man alive is set to be knighted in the UK’s next New Year’s Honours.
Gerard Butler Back In Scotland
In the movie Greenland, Gerard Butler plays a man who becomes separated from his family during a natural disaster & will do anything to get them back. The actor is quite close with his own relatives.
Celebs Born On The 25th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 25th of November!
Top 3 Fancy Feathers On The Red Carpet
Adding plumage to a dress can make a woman look like an ugly duckling, but when done right, it can take an outfit to the next level.
Celebrity Closeup Gary Oldman
English star Gary Oldman is one of the most celebrated thespians of his time, known for his expressive and immersive style of acting. Gary is also a filmmaker, a musician, and an author.
In The Style Of Vin Diesel
No need to get “furious” despite what you might expect, this handsome hunk’s outfits are not rated “triple x”. In fact, he’s got a unique style all his own. Muscular action hero Vin Diesel.
All My Life, Freaky, Minamata, And Monster Hunter
Movie Hit List: All My Life, Freaky, Minamata, And Monster Hunter
Mindy Kaling's Second Pregnancy
Mindy Kaling has revealed that the lockdown, taking selfies from the waist up and wearing bangy clothes helped her to hind her second pregnancy from the public.
Channing Tatum Shaved His Head
Channing Tatum has shaved his head in celebration of finishing work on his newest movie, ‘Dog’, which is also his directorial debut.
Beyonce Leads The 2021 Grammy Nominations
Beyonce leads the 2021 Grammy nominations with nine nods followed by Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and Roddy Rich with six each.
Taylor Swift Drops A Surprise ‘Folklore’ Concert Film
Taylor Swift has dropped a surprise ‘Folklore’ concert film on Disney+.
Amanda Seyfried And David Fincher In ‘Mank’
The movie Mank from Oscar nominated director David Fincher, shows the behind the scenes drama during production of the classic film ‘Citizen Kane’, through the eyes of screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz.
Celebs Born On The 26th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 26th of November!
Top 3 Actors Who Were Able To Quit Smoking
Celebs are just like us, and they too have their guilty pleasures in life, but there comes a time when you need to kick the habit. Here are our Top 3 Actors Who Were Able To Quit Smoking.
Style Stories Budri & Patricia Urquiola For Valextra
During Milan Fashion Week we check out the launch of this MarVles collection of Iside bags from Italian luxury brand Valextra. It’s a collaboration between three very inspiring women.
Trivia Ocean’s 8
Ocean’s 8’ is a spin-off like sequel to ‘Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13’. The earlier flicks were about a group of con artists, played by super famous actors, who pull off the most impossible heists.
Through The Years Alessandra Ambrosio
She might have been modeling since 1999 but Alessandra Ambrosio truly reached worldwide fame when she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in the year 2000.
Johnny Depp Court Loss Against Amber Heard
Johnny Depp has been denied permission by a UK Judge to appeal against a court ruling that he assaulted his ex-wife Amber Heard.
Megan Fox Officially Files For Divorce
Meghan Fox has filed for a divorce for the second time from her ex-husband Brian Austin Green after 10 years together citing irreconcilable differences.
Drake Speaks Out Against The Grammy Awards
Drake has joined the chorus of artists speaking out against the Grammy Awards in light of the recently announced nominations for this year’s prizes.
Meghan Markle's Miscarriage
Meghan Markle has revealed that she and Prince Harry suffered a miscarriage of their second child back in July.
Milla Jovovich & Paul W S Anderson In Monster Hunter
In the video game Monster Hunter a team of soldiers get transported to a strange world where they must fight for their lives against giant creatures. Leading the group is star Milla Jovovich.
Celebs Born On The 27th Of November
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 27th of November!
Top 3 Movie Costars Who Never Actually Met During Filming
It may seem like all of Hollywood are old pals, but many aren’t introduced until they’re cast together, sometimes not even then. Here are our Top 3 Movie Costars Who Never Actually Met During Filming.
It Girl Lizzo
She can sing, she can rap and she can play the flute… but above all she’s one of the biggest self love advocates of the moment…
Star File Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro was soon one of the biggest names in the business thanks to Oscar winning performances in 'The Godfather' and 'Raging Bull'. He built up a reputation as a serious and committed actor.
Movie Premiere Synchronic
In the new terrifying sci-fi thriller “Synchronic” Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan star as cops on the trail of a mysterious party drug sweeping the streets of New Orleans.
David And Victoria Beckham Are In A New War
David and Victoria Beckham are in a new war with their Cotswolds neighbors over plans to enlarge the lake they are building in their home.
Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are reportedly trying to have another baby four months after welcoming their daughter Willa.
Zac Efron Is Reportedly Single Again
Zac Efron is apparently single again, as new reports claim he’s split from his Australian girlfriend Vanessa Valladares.
Hailey Bieber Shows Off The Newest Products From Justin’s Drew House
Justin Bieber has enlisted his supermodel wife Hailey to help show off the newest products from his clothing company Drew House.
Kristen Stewart’s Princess Di Movie Denies Brexit Problems
A producer on the upcoming Princess Diana movie ‘Spencer’ has set the record straight following an online uproar over a casting call for a non-Brit to portray an 11-year-old Prince William.
Top 3 Female Singers Who Love To Cook
Music may be their main gig, but many artists have other talents too, and in some cases they’re quite delicious. Here are our Top 3 Female Singers Who Love To Cook.
Celebrity Of The Week Rooney Mara
Born into a super rich family, the gorgeous and talented jet setter Rooney Mara is one of those fortunate few who, if she wanted to, never would have to work a single day in their lives.
Hollywood’s Fresh Faces Harry Shum Jr
Harry Shum Jr. was born in Costa Rica to Chinese immigrants, and grew up speaking both Cantonese and Spanish, though he says he hasn’t really been fluent in Spanish.
Place To Be Sirmione, Italy
Italy houses some of the most stunning lakes in the world. And these pristine waters are like catnip to celebs, with VIPS such as George Clooney, Richard Branson and Sting all owning houses there.
Camilla Cabello & Shawn Mendes
Camilla Cabello has taken to social media to share what she’s learned about love from her relationship with Shawn Mendes.
George Clooney's Classic Haircut
George Clooney has revealed that he’s been his own barber for the last 25 years, and uses a Flowbee to tame his famous mane.
Rebel Wilson Achieves Her Weight Loss Goal
Rebel Wilson has clogged in a major achievement in her life as she has attained her goal weight after putting in nearly a year of hard work.
Tristan Thompson Becomes A US Citizen
Tristan Thompson has officially become a US citizen by naturalization after he was sworn in by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Western Region last week.
Lily Collins
Despite the coronavirus crisis Lily Collins is having quite the year. She got engaged, her series Emily in Paris is one of the most talked about shows of the moment & she stars in the new movie Mank.
Celebs Born On The 1st Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 1st of December!
Top 3 Actresses Who Went To A Dance With A Fan
Many big stars are more accessible than you’d think, and it doesn’t hurt to ask them for a favour sometimes. Here are our Top 3 Actresses Who Went To A Dance With A Fan.
Box Office Top 5 Dark Days Of December
The dark days of December are upon us once again, so what better way to spend your evenings than by cuddling up on the couch and watching the newest releases available on streaming?
Love Life Lowdown Joshua Jackson
Welcome to Love Life Lowdown where we run down the list of lucky ladies who’ve had the chance to spend some quality time with Hollywood hunk Joshua Jackson.
What Is It Like To Act In Horror Films?
Horror films can be pretty suspenseful, but what’s it like to star in them? Let's check in with some horror stars to find out how they experienced it
Rihanna Is Reportedly Dating A$AP Rocky
Rihanna is reportedly dating her long-time friend ASAP Rocky after they were spotted having dinner together in New York City over the weekend.
Hugh Grant Is Happy To Continue Playing Bad Guys
Hugh Grant says he’s happy to continue playing bad guys.
Billie Eilish Teases New Music In Annual Interview
Billie Eilish has teased fans with the news that she has a bunch of new songs almost ready to go.
Queen Elizabeth Might Not Spend Christmas With Prince William
Queen Elizabeth II is being very cautious and tightening her HMS Bubble as the Christmas festivities draw near due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Celebs Born On The 2nd Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 2nd of December!
Top 3 Celebs Who Fired Their Stylist
A star’s glam team may become like family to them, but sometimes you have to remember that it’s really a business relationship. Here are our Top 3 Celebs Who Fired Their Stylist.
In The Style Of: Emma Stone
We don’t mean to be “crood” but this stunning starlet’s style is definitely not 'Superbad', and she doesn’t need any fashion “help”. In fact, we’d give an 'Easy A' to the elegant outfits she wears.
Celebrity Closeup Maiwenn
Acclaimed French icon Maiwenn was introduced into the entertainment world at a very young age by her mother.
All My Life, Freaky, Minimata, And Monster Hunter
Movie Hit List: Nine Days, News of the World, Run, And Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Machine Gun Kelly Starts Therapy
Machine Gun Kelly is on the road to overcoming his drug addiction as he recently started going for therapy.
Karlie Kloss Reveals Details About Her New Sportswear Line
Supermodel Karlie Kloss has collaborated with Adidas on a new sportswear line, which is on sale now, and to mark the occasion, the blonde beauty recently opened up about some of the details.
Armie Hammer To Star In The Godfather
Armie Hammer has signed on to star as Al Ruddy, the producer of the classic movie ‘The Godfather’ in the upcoming drama series, ‘The Offer’ for Paramount Plus.
Lewis Hamilton Tests Positive For COVID-19
Lewis Hamilton has tested positive for coronavirus and won’t be able to race in the Sakir Grand Prix this weekend.
Joel Corry Wants His Music To Make The Whole World Happy
British DJ and producer Joel Corry has been hard at work during the coronavirus crisis and recently dropped the single ‘Head & Heart’ featuring MNEK.
Celebs Born On The 3rd Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 3rd of December!
Top 3 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding
 If you’re one of the most famous folks in the world, with a bank account to match, why not go all out on your special day? Here are our Top 3 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses.
Style Stories Rihanna
Ever since she expanded her fame from music into the fashion arena Rihanna has become known for the inclusivity of her offerings.
Trivia Good Boys
We just saw how actors deal with things like booze and drugs. Up next, we're gonna check out a mad cap comedy where a bunch of tweens get involved with exactly those two things.
Through The Years Priyanka Chopra
Having started out as a beauty queen, Priyanka Chopra has always been about a flawless appearance, although she wouldn’t exactly describe her own style in those words…
Miley Cyrus And Liam
Miley Cyrus has revealed that losing everything when the California wildfires burnt down her Malibu house with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth forced them to get married prematurely.
Jennifer Lopez Was Advised To Get Botox In Her 20s
Jennifer Lopez has opened up about the time a doctor advised her to get Botox when she was just 23.
Gal Gadot To Produce And Star In New Spy Thriller
Gal Gadot has signed an eight-figure deal to star and produce in an original female-led spy thriller 'Heart of Stone' from Skydance Media.
Britney Spears Celebrates Her Birthday
Britney Spears is celebrating her 39th birthday this year by giving her fans the gift of new music.
Lebron James Inks Two-Year Contract
LeBron James has agreed to a two-year contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers worth an impressive $85 million dollars.
Top 3 Big Movies Emma Stone Missed Out On
This acclaimed actress has starred in classic hits like ‘The Help’, ‘The Favourite’ and ‘La La Land’, but she could have done much more. Here are our Top 3 Big Movies Emma Stone Missed Out On.
Star File Lily James
The daughter and granddaughter of actresses, British beauty Lily James went straight into the family business. Her big break came on the popular TV series Downton Abbey.
Movie Premiere Our Friend
A beautiful film written by Matthew Teague about his wife and their relationship and her experience with terminal decease.
Gigi Hadid Resumes Work
Gigi Hadid is back to the office two months after welcoming her first child with boyfriend Zayn Malik, and according to her, she never stopped working.
All Warner Bros Releases For 2021
All Warner Bros 2021 releases including ‘The Matrix’,‘Dune’ and ‘In The Heights’ to debut in theatres and HBO Max come 2021.
Billie Eilish Forced To Cancel Her Delayed World Tour
Billie Eilish has been forced to cancel her delayed world tour entirely.
Queen Elizabeth Mourns The Loss Of One Of Her Last Dogs
Queen Elizabeth is mourning the loss of her dog Vulcan, as the dachshund-corgi crossbreed pup passed away after at least 13 years by her side, leaving Her Majesty with just one remaining furry friend.
Celebs Born On The 7th Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 7th of December!
Top 3 Female Singers Who Started Out Writing Hits For Other Artists
Most musicians don’t just appear atop the charts with their debut single, it takes a lot of hard work to become a superstar. Here's Top 3 Female Singers Who Started Out Writing Hits For Other Artists.
Celebrity Of The Week George Clooney
He’s one of the biggest superstars & while he was one of the biggest bachelors for a long time too, that’s history now, he's one of the world’s biggest power couples with his wife Amal.
Hollywood’s Fresh Faces Marielle Heller
Marielle Heller kicked off her love of performing in children’s theater, and began working professionally on stage and in small TV roles.
Place To Be New Orleans
Few places in the world are more easy going than New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s like the only thing they take seriously over there is partying, that’s what they’re mostly known for
Romee Strijd Has Welcomed Her First Child
Romee Strijd has welcomed her first child with her husband Laurens van Leeuwen.
Vanessa Hudgens Channels Iconic 80s Fashion
Vanessa Hudgens recently hosted the MTV Movie and TV Awards Greatest of All Time special, and used her time on stage to channel some iconic 80s fashion moments.
Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction’ Set To Become A Franchise
Good news for action movie fans, because Chris Hemsworth’s popular flick ‘Extraction’ is not only getting a sequel, it’s becoming a whole franchise.
Queen Elizabeth Will Wait In Line For A Coronavirus Vaccination
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to wait in line to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Celebs Born On The 8th Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 8th of December!
Top 3 Models Who Are Also Photographers
Creative people are often talented in more than one medium, and sometimes turn their hobby into a side gig. Here are our Top 3 Models Who Are Also Photographers.
Box Office Top 5 Countdown
Let’s check out how films are doing in cinemas. It’s time for the box office countdown.
Love Life Lowdown Emma Stone
Welcome to Love Life Lowdown, where we have a look at the guys who’ve swept ‘La La Land’ star Emma Stone off her feet.
What Makes A Good Dance Movie?
What is it that makes a good dance film? Let’s check in with some people who worked on the very best and most swinging motion pictures out there.
Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani has revealed that her ideal wedding will be one with both her parents present and without COVID restrictions.
The Kardashians Christmas Eve Party
The Kardashians have cancelled their annual star-studded Christmas Eve party due to the ongoing pandemic.
Christopher Nolan Slams Warner Bros
Christopher Nolan has slammed Warner Bros for their decision to debut the entire 2021 release calendar on their streaming service, HBO Max the same day they start showing in theatres.
Justin Bieber To Say Goodbye To 2020
Justin Bieber is ready to help us all say goodbye to 2020, by playing his first full concert in three years on New Year’s Eve
Serena Williams Plays COVID Test With Her Daughter
Kids understand a lot more of what’s going on in the news than you’d think, for example, Serena Williams has shared a video of her daughter Olympia playing COVID test with her mom.
Top 3 Red Carpet Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style
While it’s always fun to try out more fashion forward outfits, it’s also true that a timeless classic is timeless for a reason. Here are our Top 3 Red Carpet Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style.
Celebrity Closeup Vanessa Kirby
Growing up in London, Vanessa Kirby’s parents took her and her siblings frequently to the theatre, and she knew from a young age that she was born for the silver screen.
In The Style Of Gal Gadot
This Israeli beauty is a former model, a former beauty pageant winner, and always a ‘Wonder’ on the red carpet. Of course we’re talking about the gorgeous Gal Gadot!
The Christmas Chronicles 2, Smiley Face Killers, Raya And The Last Dragon, Mank
Movie Hit List: The Christmas Chronicles 2, Smiley Face Killers, Raya and the Last Dragon, and Mank
Brooklyn Beckham And Nicola Peltz Have Reportedly Signed A Prenup
Brooklyn Beckham and fiancée Nicola Peltz have reportedly drawn up a prenuptial agreement to protect their wealth if things don’t work out after getting married.
Hailey Bieber Has Been Battling A Skin Condition For Years
Hailey Bieber has revealed that she has been battling perioral dermatitis, a skin condition that causes inflammation, for a few years now.
Alfred Molina Coming Back As Doctor Octopus For ‘Spider-Man 3
Alfred Molina to reprise his role as the villainous Doctor Octopus in the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ movie.
Ariana Grande Teases Collaboration With Netflix
Ariana Grande has been teasing fans on Instagram with the possibility that her next big collaboration might not be a musical one, but instead a project with Netflix.
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Shut Down Award Show Rumors
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have shut down tabloid rumors that they are planning to launch a “woke” awards ceremony that would compete with Queen Elizabeth’s annual birthday honours.
Celebs Born On The 10th Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 10th of December!
Top 3 Male Movie Stars Who Married Regular Girls
Celebrities often don’t get the chance to meet normal people, let alone date them, but sometimes it does happen. Here are our Top 3 Male Movie Stars Who Married Regular Girls.
Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2021 Highlights
From digital shows to intimate events for a select masked audience, due to the COVID-19 pandemic fashion weeks have been a little bit different this year.
Trivia Logan
When Logan the superhero-flick-that-was-unlike-any-other-superhero-flicks, hit the big screen in 2017, it had been 17 years since the first time that Hugh Jackman appeared as the X-man Wolverine.
Through The Years Selena Gomez
We take a look back at the very diverse wardrobe of one of the biggest stars in the world, Selena Gomez. The singer slash actress slash ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber.
Johnny Depp Appeals Lawsuit
Johnny Depp is appealing his court case against a UK tabloid, but back in Hollywood, his reputation is in shreds, with at least one producer labelling him “radioactive”.
Tiffany Haddish Turned Down Hosting The Grammys Pre-Show
Tiffany Haddish has revealed that she turned down the chance to host the Grammys pre-telecast Premiere Ceremony because she is expected to cover her expenses related to the gig from her pocket.
Sofia Richie Models For Drake’s Clothing Line
Drake’s popular OVO clothing line has unveiled its newest women’s collection, and the face of this season is none other than supermodel Sofia Richie.
George Clooney Was Hospitalized
George Clooney was hospitalized for pancreatitis four days before he began work on ‘Midnight Sky’ after dropping a whopping 28 pounds for the lead role.
Mariah Carey Eyes Big Screen Adaptation Of Her Best-Selling Memoir
Mariah Carey is in early talks to adapt her best-selling memoir 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey' for the big screen.