4th & Forever: Muck City (s1)

The Stage Is Set
A native son is named head football coach at legendary Pahokee High School, and a budding quarterback looks to make his father proud.
A Rocky Start
A coach faces a backlash after an embarrassing season opener and players get a major boost both on and off the field.
Tensions Mount
Coach Boldin confronts his coaching staff about sensitive information leaking to fans while a crew of Pahokee players scouts their arch-rivals.
A Muck Homecoming
A beloved teacher struggles with cancer an unsung academic talent emerges and an all-around player switches positions and dominates the game.
Rabbit Hunt
The annual sugar cane burn gives current players a chance to “Rabbit Hunt” and one former player a chance to lobby for a greener future.
Devastating Blow
On the eve of the Muck Bowl an eligibility issue deals Glades Central’s playoff hopes a serious setback sparking tension between coaching staffs.
Muck Bowl Madness
A single playoff berth is on the line and an NFL star returns to fire up both teams. But a tragic act casts a dark cloud over the Muck.
There Can Be Only One
A last-second score catapults one team to a surprising playoff run while a heartbreaking loss spells the end for the coach of the other.